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i have no idea after the fact, what to make of this.
it's everywhere rough. it tries to bring everything in fast.
it's zen. there's no doubt. it's oud after shakuhachi.
oud chases shakuhachi down. it's ugly. it's empty.
id disappears. it is emptiness of gravitational horizons.
and it is the extension of bandwidths of virtual particles.
it gathers speed and collapses for no reason at all.
it challenges reason and causality and origin.
it is the refuse of a universe paradoxically emptied of time.
we note this from our position before we disappear.
like disappearance we take this sound with us.
this sound is already disappeared before generation tantra.

People: Alan Sondheim
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industrialization and Ossi Oswalda the cat*

Ossi is a West Virginia feral cat, who has lived with us for four
or five years now. Her haunches are odd, and I have the feeling
she was the runt of the litter; she used to be defensive and
fierce, striking out if we got too close. Now she's somewhat more
relaxed. She snores, which I think is a combination of what was
probably a hard life, and the air around us in New York. For we
live next to a 20,000 seat stadium going up, and asthma's on the
increase in the area - I've started using two inhalers myself. We
fought the good fight (platitude) but you can't fight City Hall
(platitude), and the it won. The stadium's owned largely now by
'a Russian' since the US owners were going broke; we have our
suspicions about this. In any case, the air is foul with dust


Pompeii (the proper name, pompeii)

(virtual world work, philosophy, memory, sign)

video / thesis / name of the face
the face/body reconstitutes itself, dragging hermeneutics with it.
nothing remains but the rewryte of memory, continuous.
face/body neither dead nor alive, axed or picked or nubbed.
one hundred meters minimum, holding avatar by choreography,
or the gravitational pull of dance and tensor calculus.
because it generates from nothing, proceeds from annihilation,
unerased from previous aeons, themselves under erasure.
what human can never know, extent of space and time.
all bridges are broken to this image-land land-image,
which seems to insist on the human in the midst of substance.

image / thesis


ear smarks

a 'smark' is a 'smeared mark' generally made by an ear or forehead
placed against a plate-glass gallery window; it is produced when
(on the occasion of) a subject attempts to listen or view the
sounds or sights within. numerous smarks create a layered smear-
domain_ which is an apparatus for the transmission of bacterial or
viral agents between viewers and / or listeners. the result is an
extremely simple means of epidemic creation, which may be summarized
as the lure-share technique. in other words, come see and hear my
beautiful gift to you - an amazing delight - a delicacy - and catch
the deadly migraine-flu!



Six new photos added -

Eyebeam is having Open Studios this Friday and Saturday - these
are some studies for the event - images will be projected, with
(occasional) performances -



Full bandwidth version of crystal radiodetuning and resonance
in the Eyebeam window gallery installation going down tomorrow -
always fascinated by the sounds; in this case, you're hearing
pretty much what the piece sounded like from the storage room
behind the window. recorded with Zoom H2.


1980s Egyptian oud

- just received this, shallow bowl, nice rounded sound, lots
of cracks. think this was originally inexpensive (poorly made
sound hole filigree for example), but the spruce top has aged
beautifully, so the sound is good and the action isn't
terrible. when i listened to the recording, i could hear my
nails, my breathing (upper and lower chest, wheezing, tense
from allergic reactions), moving the instrument around, etc.
- and thought - this is the sound of the flesh - using hiss
reduction - keeping only the hiss - i sought to bring this
out - this labor - fully - finding the sound fantastically
transformed, something else of the wonder of the world



B train stalled at 4th street station. it approached slowly,
less than walking speed, then stopped in the tunnel. i couldn't
help it, i thought immediately of terrorism, take-overs, fury,
hostages. we never found out what went on. but the voice was
there, filling the station, and it wasn't comforting. later i
took another B coming in front of it, on another line, sparking
all the while. i got off at Dekalb and waited for an R. two Qs
came and went and i waited. the R never came. i took another B
to Atlantic. what happened.

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Urban Research
Tags: urban
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