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ragged smooth ragged smooth

now it's cold and there's no time to dissolve this


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oud recorded with TC-152 SD Sony recorder (first professional cassette
machine, 1973), using Realistic Stereo Electret-1 microphone 33-919A,
early (date unknown).

3 pieces. there's a glitch in the cables resulting in a mix of static
and odd digital limiter behavior that adds to the recording. there's
no audible wow or flutter in the capstans. you can hear capacitance
changes as a result of static buildup perhaps related to an imperfect
connection; the tape plays back perfectly on the recording machine.

there's an urgency in the voice of the oud making itself heard within,
not above, the fray. i think the problem is in the analog/digital
interface. the TC-152SD was manufactured with specially hardened tape-
heads that haven't been duplicated.


epitaph - he never did his best work


hasapi from bottom to top m/onbottom.mp3 m/onbottomb.mp3 (with reverb m/ontop.mp3

bottom takes advantage of hasapi phase playing
bottomb extends phase into room echo
top takes advantage of speed and harmonics

learn from the batak

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: sound, research, hasapi

Will the irony never end? I'm working on 'pain' at Eyebeam and today my partner Azure came down with me, and of course bumped her head; the result was a fairly large swelling and a lot of pain. We left to go back to Brooklyn and went instead for lunch, returning to Eyebeam (and the galleries) for a short while, then home again. She's all right, but was tearful and in agony for a while...

People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: pain, eyebeam

virtual worlds

they get stuck in this life and yearn to return to the other

they are held back by memory and skin which falls from their seasons

they cannot move but are made from layers torn from their flesh

you are stuck in pain, you are held back, you cannot move


small models of splayed and abstracted avatars in pain
they are fleeing from it

radio sounds from antique radio equipment
you lean against glass and hear the flesh of the earth

photographs of a small child doomed to make these things
the child is doomed to listen to these things too

images of dead soldiers against your eyes
you cannot think anything but images of dead soldiers

books of martyrs and tortures and torments closed
you cannot read through covers telling your cold future


lament maquette for the dead as the world oozes human beings



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marices from blender and other programs for modeling

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