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distractions (oud)

a repeated song or figure, while i am being distracted
by images and issues of muscle tone, my mind tend towards
continuous repair and corralling the figures that are
produced in this piece, repeatedly, that is to say, with
variations, or losing track, backing up, so that this is
THE MIND AT WORK and quite possibly as a result the best
piece of music/soundwork i have produced, one in which
the MIND'S HEART itself is audible, the working through
the fantastic, circumlocutions, working through THOUGHT
ITSELF which is negated, not allowed to proceed, that is
REFUSED PROCEDURE, as if i could allow myself, give
myself permission towards or encompassing NO-MIND, which
is unavailable, but the beauty of this is, you are a
WITNESS TO ME as you have never been before, and along

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: sound, research, oud, music

printers models for 3d-laser printing

but they make their own world here, they've come home

they've come from here - go to
and click on printer01.png - to printer.20.png - they're all there

tags: pain, artifice, virtual, worlds, wounded, dead, aroused, gone

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we just came back from a dance discussion event at the 92nd Street Y in
Manhattan. why are dancers so optimistic? the topic was dance education
and everyone was excited. there were videos and photographs that were also
cheering. I keep thinking of the opposite, of the depressive constructs of
my own work, its self-indulgent wallowing, its emphasis on _this_ body as
opposed to a communal or healing body. virtuality drives me to this
position, reality drives me elsewhere. is slaughter - of humans, animals,
plants, cultures, languages - the only conceivable future horizon? in the
long term all of this */he waves his arms around in an all-encompassing
gesture/* will disappear; information itself will dissipate to the
substance of irreconcilable differences. what then? what will happen to
these dances, these complex choreographies, these histories of somatic

People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: dance, death

On Being Dead / On My Deadwork / My Work is Dead

Deadwork is invisible work; deadwork is virtual work. When there is
nothing but the image and the memory of the image, there is deadwork. When
the producing tribe cannot read, can only reinterpret, there is deadwork.
Deadwork does not enter the cycle of capital; it no longer exists; it
never has existed. Deadwork is deadly work; it is the death of the
producing culture. The culture knows it. The culture is ready for its

My work is dead. It is not spoken. It is invisible in the building at
Eyebeam and disappears as a future anterior online. In the space, it
huddles. In the space it hides in cracks in crevices, in the remains of an
s/m parlor perhaps, in the remains of a parking garage perhaps, in the
remains if a silent film studio perhaps. The building is scarred; my work
devolves, unscars, dissolves. It is a shadow on a scar. It is the huddle

People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: Work, pain, death, dead

some legs (reworked 3d modeling image)

so that they're raw tissue or blood or leaking
so that their joints are troubling so that they're hanging
so that they're flags or fish or holiday
or carved from or stripped from meat so that they're raw pain
or so that they're dancing and ecstatic or something or someone
or other so that i knew who they were and know who they are
and know who they will be

People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: sex, dance, pain


"All you really have in the end, ... are your stories."

- Burt Reynolds, playing an older spy, on Burn Notice. morial026.jpg morial025.jpg morial042.jpg

for Kathe Kollwitz

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