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last night at Eyebeam... a revelation...

sex, yes... and death, yes... are inextricably entangled...
am i the first to notice this, Agave? they're both
hard to swallow, and yes, surely i'm the first to call
orgasm the 'little death' which only grows with a thud
into the big One? every point i make is broken with delight
against the corpse of sex, the messy spew of death. wait
a minute, there's more, all sorts of things of bones
growing after the brain stops, what sort of ugly repeating
shatters geometries into the semblance of Becoming?


i write this realizing absolutely no one will read it; as part of my residency, in fact the backbone, it hands there like a tough skin sloughed off a sigillaria, for me to find later in the anthracite hills in pennsylvania. again, everyone is outward-bound, piece-oriented; this is all process, analysis of pain through various modes/modalities, bringing the body lingis-like back into a central core that refuses virtuality, or rather places inscription and virtuality at the heart of the body - that's the only message, this heart which continues to speak until speech is broken by final pain and more than final death. i walk around like i haunt Eyebeam, just as the radio recordings today were made in places haunted by radiation, readily available, a different form of mapping than the usual.


the aesthetics of pain

what occurs on flatness never curls inward towards the body: that is
unless a fundamental identification is at work. nothing of the sort in
futurism which is responsible for the clean and proper body of the
Mac and Apple, the sliver that cuts through flesh, everything acceptable,
horror against against horror in false topologies, topographies of
destroyed villages, torn flesh, mutilated faces. it is all one and it is


i did hear that:
i appear ravaged.
this must stop.
i know i will be murdered.
my work is sound, its fury.
what is visible has been killed.
i am dead from them.
i am dead to them.
therefore i appear ravaged.


radio sound from Eyebeam: eyeb mp3 files.

each file N is followed by N+1 which is signal-processed; check out for example

standard spark-gap transmissions were set with and signal-processed at

equipment: Zoom set to mono mp3/320, Radioshack 1980 Patrolman radio with VHF, UHF bands, CoolEdit for processing.



totally new oud music

listen carefully, on the longer one a string keeps slipping,
have to tune it.

this is the most introverted music so far. influenced by shakuhachi.
the new oud is very resonant, 6.5mm at the 5th which is high, so i've
had to adapt. the result is a different kind of music. quite happy
with these; the worst things are in the world, the clearer and more
abrupt the music. and that's all that will survive of course. if that.



Was able to get the Motu connected with either Audacity or CoolEdit, both up to 192k. The latter bricked a bit; I had to find a way around the settings, but it wasn't difficult. I'm using an ASUS gaming machine, Win7, and there haven't been any issues. The reverb can be set to swallow up anything. I recorded from a 1980s RadioShack multi-function radio, expanding and contracting the sound; I was listening to static. I learn more from static these days than from the religious programs that dominate sw. But the range was limited. I did better with the vibration meter raised several octaves; the next step, more difficult, should be to record VLF radio; I might just send the raw signal in through the mic input, set Aud back to 192k and hope for the best. The Motu needs a power supply; I'm going to look around RadioShack to see if I can find or build something that allows the whole load of stuff out into the field.

Tags: Mac, Motu, Marko
ululations, weeping in caverns oud, voice hasapi ken bau
with reverb/resonance out of control, sound is transformed from speech to murmur, 

new instruments

when i'm worn out, i learn something new, a whole world opens up:

acoustic oud, large hasapi, ken bau with gourd bell (not jackfruit): oud oud oud



192k recordings of desktop activity, Eyebeam, with vibration microphone raised 2-4 octaves

tools: Motu Ultra, Asus Stealth, CoolEdit, Audacity,1920s electro-medical spark-gap generator


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