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mystic spaces recorded on my birthday at Eyebeam
project space

thinking about performances, using architectures
and electronics, standing and slow-moving waves,
short-wave radio and medical equipment

please use headphones or large speakers


playing melodica with reverb with reverb with reverb and pitch shift

yes, short of breath, but then a bit of the baritone
more experimentation, heading towards organ-saxophone
but thinking about shakuhachi which is unfair to both instruments

child companion reason period blessing melody
tiny mournful signal calling in soup of melody
and eate him with great melody. And so when they haue
nor grimmer sound than melody,

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: melodica, music, sound

broken conversation

----------------------------= YTalk version 3.3.0
=----------------------------- therefore something should come together
between the two bodies separated by a serrated division, vertebra one
among other. pain is this logging-out, is the collapse of the backbone,
the melting or melding of the body as it begins to disappear.the body's
not here either, the body is a square, is a playing-field, the body is a
holding-pen.the i is a stream of i's, of eyes, these appear as if it were,
but just imminent, as if just momentary, just for a minute.drying, in
other words a stain or residue, we can say a conversation is a drying, a other words, you're saying this is dust, this is red dust,



Alan Sondheim & Monika Weiss -- Enunciation
EYEBEAM Art + Technology Center, 540 W 21st St. New York
Saturday, February 4, 1-6PM, Eyebeam Project Space []

Feb 04, 2012

Eyebeam Resident Alan Sondheim and transdiscipinary artist Monika Weiss
will perform Enunciation, a dual live video projection and sound

People: Alan Sondheim, Monika Weiss
Research: Contagious Media
Tags: performance


filtered B-field VLF recordings with loop antenna, outside
Eyebeam on West 21st Street. most of what you hear is 60-cycle
that's so strong it won't filter out; on occasion, in vlfeye2
and 4 for example, other signals seem to come through.

VLF is always mysterious, nothing more so than B-field!

we're all being magnetized, hopefully irregularly!


[image from Katherine]
breathing tests

carried out by by Cynthia Gonzalez on Alan Sondheim
modified for 'breathing' / the hydraulic

poly parelblond .
ten ways of thinking about deconstruction .
-inurl babe|sweet|model intitle
there is nothing outside the text .
spine spine rightupleg filetype bvh .
blank xray .
willy maley ten ways
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late-night oud talking after listening

to dance conversation about dance on mobile devices alansondheim/talkoud.mp3
at Edward Henkel's fantastic MovementTalks event

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: dance, sound, oud
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