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blue sky could be filled with anything

filled with clouds. CLOUDLESS.
not 'the cloud' - i.e. 'STORE YOUR DATA IN THE CLOUD.'
but 'a cloud' - i.e. 'STORE YOUR DATA IN MY CLOUD.'
too much of this! clouds aren't clouds: they're corporate
repositories! they're physical locations, hardware,
servers and routers and hard drives OWNED BY CORPORATIONS!
more lies and a language of obfuscation!
there is no 'cloud' in my sky.
if there were, it would be 'my cloud.'
i am a person, not a corporation, and i cannot understand:
how can anyone own a cloud? populate a cloud?


culling holocaust culling

his poetry of elegy and holocaust related to the pure red-dust tomorrow,
holocaust city "his poetry of elegy and holocaust related to the pure milk
skin memories "we attempt to flee the holocaust, *they begin here. looking
out over holocaust city, wires everywhere* - forgotten names - names from
holocausts - dance to stay alive - holocaust come, every day we await the
nuclear holocaust to come, jennifer said. everywhere i live seems like a
holocaust that i bring with me. fading and i fear nuclear holocaust,
incipient fascism already on the horizon, and i in this or other groping
holocaust. laura taught because holocaust paul audio autobiography 10 11
100 101 110 plutonium world open vector yesterday holocaust neck. i


oh these are AMAZING miracles! *

* of memories of North American surrealism, early AE as well!
I can't get over the fact that these organisms are ALIVE!
they're as alive as my enunciation, now, here, ABSOLUTELY!
they live in the ARCTIC!



passing, passage

passing, those who have passed, they have turned back,
they have turned around, they have this harmony, this one time,
these many times, they have, for those who have passed and
this one time, they have turned

passage, for neither a break nor a moment's rest have they,
they have continued, they have thought until their bones were
broken, until their minds among them, disappearing, no longer
this one melody, breathless, this one time, they have turned
and turned, the pipa rising among the buddhas, we have heard


People: Alan Sondheim
Tags: death, music

debris, dawning
left over from day1 performance; somehow the sound was
transformed into something unworldly and beautiful
left over from the performance materials, here for the color
it's the central gate that fascinates me, holds me
it's the same light over the Matterhorn I do believe

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