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Here is a link to the documentation of our Max/MSP Jitter Workshop in multi-channel audiovisuals.

The installation is by Crystal Butler, Todd Bryant, Kathleen Judge, Quin Kennedy, Sofia van Leeuwen, James Proctor, Yo Park, Matth Torti and Daniel Wilson.

The work is an algorithmically edited piece composed of sound and video captured from various New York City elevators. Eight channels of rhythmic audio play while four projectors cast synced video onto a 10 ft. high cube.


Link to the interview on the Cycling 74 website features a discussion of the Eyebeam Workshop.


Exhibition in Princeton, NJ opens this Saturday, May 7th. It is at the Paul Robeson Gallery, the opening is from 4 - 6 pm.

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On Our Minds and In Our Lenses is a four part curated program of video responses to the current issues, interests, passions and obsessions bubbling to the surface in our heads and conversations and taking form in the videos we produce.
It is curated by former Eyebeam alumns Norene Leddy and Liz Slagus, the screenings will be at Gallery Aferro in Newark, NJ at 73 Market St. The exhibition runs from March 5th - April 9th every Saturday night, check out the schedule below.

Week 2: Insects

The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly; we document, fear, obsess about and worship.

1. Karla Carballar
"Esperame en le cielo corazon"
2. Yuliya Lanina
"Winter Wonderland"
3. Annie Heckman
"Becoming Formless"
4. Hilda Daniel
5. Lord Knows Compost

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