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Thursday febreruary 9 @ Simposio Internacional de Teoría de Arte Contemporaneo, Ciudad de México.
13:00 – 14:00 El mañana se asoma al presente.
Iconoclasistas, Fran Ilich y Yoel Díaz Vázquez.
Moderado por Tatiana Cuevas

10th International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory | SITAC X

The Future: The Long Count Begins Again
February 9–11, 2012

Director Shuddhabrata Sengupta
Teatro Julio Castillo
Centro Cultural del Bosque s/n
Chapultepec Polanco
Mexico City

Workshops SITAC X
Director Sofía Olascoaga

People: Fran Ilich

Sábado 28 de Enero a las 7 pm,  Libros Revolución y La Diosa Maya presentan su serie Ecos de Libertad Micrófono Abierto. Despues del Micrófono abierto presentaremos al Ensayista Fran Ilich. 

Invitamos a todos los poetas, músicos, narradores, soñadores, y amantes de literatura a estar con nosotros el último sábado del mes. Este micrófono abierto es diferente a otros, porque la audiencia no solamente oye pero participan con comentarios y preguntas al presentador. Es una oportunidad para expresar libremente sus ideas y sueños.  

People: Fran Ilich

The Diego de la Vega Experimental Economics + Finance research group presents

Alicia Herrero speaking on "Matters of the Public"

People: Fran Ilich

The Diego de la Vega Experimental Economics + Finance research group presents

Gregory Berger speaking on "Prohibited Economies: Financing the Drug War and It's Opposition"

Gregory Berger is an American documentarian working in México. He is a professor of film at the autonomous university of Morelos and teaches the only queer cinema course offered in Mexico. He produces segments for the Caracas-based TeleSUR television network. His works often focus on the social struggle of Mexico, indigenous peoples, and the tension between Mexico and the US. Although he calls himself a revolutionary tourist, he is a permanent resident of Mexico, though originally from New York City. His documentaries include Amor en tiempos de influenza (Love in the times of influenza) and La rebeldia bajo sitio (Rebellion under siege), as well as features for Democracy Now!. His movies are funded using crowdsourcing over the Internet. more info:

People: Fran Ilich
Research: Game Design

Diego de la Vega cooperative media conglomerate invites you to its

Experimental Economics + Finance research group

Facilitated by Eyebeam Fellow Fran Ilich and scholar / curator Jennifer Flores Sternad.

With a special guest from Brazil:
Felipe Altenfelder Silva, founder of Fora do Eixo <>

Circuito Fora do Eixo (Out of the Axis Circuit) is a network created in the end of 2005 by cultural producers from the north, south and west regions of Brazil. It started with the collaboration between producers from Cuiaba (Mato Grosso), Rio Branco (Acre), Uberlandia (Minas Gerais) and Londrina (Paraná), aiming at stimulating the circulation of musical projects, production technology exchange and the trade of products.

Projects: Spacebank
People: Fran Ilich

The political imagination and the collective intelligence

a workshop by Jennifer Flores Sternad & Fran Ilich 

This workshop will explore questions related to the potential of the space of production, as well as the cultural practices involved in social transformation and the creation of radical political projects (and ther imaginaries). Taking into account the place cultura occupies in contemporary social orders (and the one they could have in possible social orders) can open possibilities for creation that are innovative, artistically creative, as well as engaged with the present. 

 In Friday's public session (5pm - 8pm) the participants will be:

 Jennifer Flores Sternad, Alberto HIjar, Cristina Hijar and Fran Ilich, with Inti Meza Villarino as moderator

People: Fran Ilich

On october 6th I will be speaking of Spacebank socio-economic line of action at The Economist Mexico Summit 2011: Change from the bottom up, on the panel Activist nation: Transparency and influence in the age of social networks. Some of the speakers on the summit include: Fran Ilich (Eyebeam Art and Technology Center / Diego de la Vega), Helen Joyce (Sao Paulo correspondent of The Economist), Marcelo Ebrard (Head of Government of Mexico City), Harry A. Patrinos (Lead Education Economist @ World Bank), Alejandro Ramírez (CEO of Cinépolis), Alvaro Rodríguez Arregui (CEO of Banco Compartamos), César Gaviria (Ex-president of Colombia and Secretary General of Organization of American States), Iqbal Z.

Projects: Spacebank
People: Fran Ilich

Fran Ilich's Spacebank will be shown at Creative Time’s major exhibition Living as Form. Spacebank is a Latin American virtual community investment bank trading online since the beginning of the Otra Campaña Zapatista in 2005. Anyone can open an account with only $10 USD, and invest on the Brooklyn Stock Exchange <>, as well as participate in the construction of the political economy of the Digital Material Sunflower (which is Spacebank's virtual currency) currently backed up by hijacked Ai Weiwei's porcelaine sunflower seeds, vintage analogue synths and over $40,000 USD in deposits, forex, precious metals, precious stones, and investments in major and minor capitalist markets, as well as alternate commodity markets like organic Zapatista Coffee and Corn. 

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