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Did you know that I LOVE BUSHWICK?! I really do, and so do Adriana Young and Christina Kral.

I came early with Caroline, because it just so happens we go to the same school so naturally, we'd be traveling together. We came early, so we both played in the crazy rain, inside the park.

The park was unnaturally colorful. Beautiful shades of the rainbow. I felt like a little kid running around and screaming. (Caroline always brings the best out of me.) Then, Adriana, Christina, and Stephanie all showed up and we got down to business.

It's Business Time.

A few minutes later, Luther and Zoe came along. It was hard picking a spot. At first we wanted to have this PUP (Pop Up Party) in this area where it looked like a volleyball net. It was a cozy space, very small, very intimate. The only problem with that was electrical supply and well, I personally don't think we would be able to fit 17 other organizations in this nice small area.

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