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EVENT DATE: Tuesday, November 19, 5 - 9pm

As part of the Computational Fashion initiative, Eyebeam is hosting a Fashion and Wearable Tech Demo Night on November 19. We’re looking for compelling product ideas and emerging startups who are working at the intersection of (wearable) technology, garments, jewelry, and accessories. Each participant will get a table in Eyebeam's exhibition space to do informal presentations and demonstrations.

Participants must have a finished product or working prototype that is intended for the commercial market. Sorry, we're not looking for student projects or work that is only in concept stage at this time.


Mozilla and Eyebeam are pleased to announce the recipients of the Open(Art) Fellowship. The three selected fellows are Forrest Oliphant, Toby Schachman, and Nortd Labs (Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger). Together, these creative technologists will be exploring the frontier of art and the open web as part of our new Open(Art) program.

Pushing the boundaries of creative code


Bennett Williamson from Double Happiness just posted a super hot video of Shred Masters from MIXER: OLYMPIAD. Smoke machines + scissor lifts + sick guitar chops = best. competition. ever.

Check it out!


From Bennett Williamson of Double Happiness


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