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This year's Open Video Conference will include Eyebeam Fellows Jon CohrsJacob Ciocci, and Jeff Crouse presenting some of their most recent projects that work with open culture and video, as well as a brief overview of Eyebeam's history of supporting open culture research by Production Coordinator Roddy Schrock. Following presentations, the floor will be opened to a critical discussion on ideas of sharing/remixing in current video practice and the wider culture.

Eyebeam Presentations and Discussion Saturday October 2, from 4:45 to 5:30 at Open Video Conference (in the amphitheater), Fashion Institute of Technology, 7th Ave. at 27th.


Our most recent Fall Residents and Fellows have finished their vacations and are hard at work: Aram Bartholl, from Berlin, is preparing his Point of Vision project to engage the public at Eyebeam in late October. Stefani Bardin is in the house working on The Omnivore's Pleasure and other projects already begun through a collaborative residency with our farming partner upstate, Andes Sprout Society.


Eyebeam resident Hernani Dias will be presenting part of his re:farm project tonight at the Farm City Opening, 6 - 8 PM. Come check it out!


336 Third Street (Inside the Park!)

Projects: refarm the city
People: Hernani Dias
Research: Sustainability

Our newly arrived Summer Residents and Fellows are hard at work: Hernani Dias is planning public workshops for urban/mobile farming with Andes Sprouts Society for his re:farm the city project. Jon Cohrs is in the house working on his plant prosthetic appendages, creating life support systems for plants. And Mark Shepard is completing the Eyebeam portion of his Sentient City Survival Kit project, ready to take it to Rotterdam where he'll finish production at V2_ as part of the inaugural joint Eyebeam/V2_ residency. And finally, Drew Hemment, founder and Artistic Director of FutureEverything, will work with us starting this week in his position as an Honorary Resident.


We have a very exciting group of artists that will be working with us this summer! Hernani Dias will be joining us and connecting with Andes Sprouts Society upstate to make mobile farms, mobile composters, and mobile greenhouses, bringing his re:farm the city project to New York. Jon Cohrs will be coming on as a fellow, beginning work on a series of projects including his new plant prosthetic appendages project, creating life support systems for plants. And in the inaugural joint Eyebeam/V2 (Rotterdam) residency, Mark Shepard will be joining us starting this month, then completing the production of The Sentient City Survival Kit at V2's Test Lab.

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I'm really excited about the internal SkillShares, for current artists, staff, and alumni, starting next week. The topics are full of practical/essential information for everybody working in house right now. On May 11, Michael Mandiberg is going to look at what constitutes a successful use of a Creative Commons licensed work, with a focus on non-textual and non-code uses of the license. He's going to discuss three recent CC licensed projects: the Bright Idea Shade (with Steve Lambert), Bright Bike, and Digital Foundations: An Intro to Media Design (with xtine burrough). Then on May 18, Michael Mandiberg and Steve Lambert will hold a two-part session, discussing best-practices for sharing, focusing on practical ways artists/technologists can most efficiently harness social networking and online networks to diffuse their work to new audiences. Michael will look at ways of sharing images, with a focus on Flickr.


Interested in being a resident or fellow at Eyebeam? Now's your chance, our call is up!!! Both the residencies and fellowships have a March 1 start date. Full info. is now online: Residency Call / Fellows Call. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


We're getting our iPhones and iPod Touches ready to go for some crazy cool RjDj action on December 5! As part of that SkillShare, we're holding a 1.5 hour Intro. Workshop on Pd for those who want to take part in the SkillShare but are still learning basics of electronic music programming. The only prerequisite for the Workshop is to have done something with Pd or Max/MSP before. If you consider yourself a beginner it would help a lot to run through the Pd audio tutorials before attending.

The introductory workshop will run from 12:00 until 1:30 PM, led by Hans-Christoph Steiner, before the actual SkillShare which starts at 2:00. Here are the full details with a sign-up link for this free event.

People: Hans-Christoph Steiner
Research: Education
Tags: RjDj, pd

If you've got big ideas, could use a little time and money, not to mention support and inspiration, to create a visionary project, then go apply to our Summer/Fall Residency.  This is the last week of the cycle!

Residents are granted a $5,000 stipend and 24/7 access to Eyebeam's state of the art digital design and fabrication studios at their Chelsea facility.  Come work with us!


Last night we held a How To Apply - Eyebeam Residencies forum here in New York.  I expected maybe 30 people, but over 100 showed up.  It was a great chance for applicants to ask questions about the residency program.  A lot of commonly raised issues were ironed out, with insights provided by recent Residency Curatorial Panelist Robert Ransick (Bennington College, Vermont) and current Eyebeam Senior Fellow Steve Lambert (Parsons/The New School and Hunter College).  Thanks to them both, and Amanda, for taking the time out to help make the application process as clear as possible for everyone involved.

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