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Last week we met in the rain, at Maria Hernandez Park to suss out just what it is we plan to DO on September 27th. As some of the student residents pointed out, the wetness inspired our thinking along the lines of tents, tarps, flags, and battleships. Okay. Not battleships! But the rest, for real.

We just can't stay out of the 'trash'! Treasures abound on the streets of NYC. Our mission with the party we are planning is to rescue trash, and turn it into reuseable park and party accessories.


New Student Residents gathered for the first time at Eyebeam yesterday to meet with No Standing Anytime, and begin planning their projects for the event at Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick.

We had a guest join us too - Masha, senior from Stuyvesant HS. Masha showed us a video interview she did at the park as part of the oral history project she is working on with CAPITAL B.

masha sharing video with Student Residents


DDC09 students have used all their wisdom and know-how collected over the course of this summer to plan their final project – A Pop-Up Party! The party will include ice-cold lemonade (delivered via pulley system to both Highline and Lowline visitors), a fort for contemplating life, games (competive box ball, hula hoops, checkers...), live musical performances, a movie theater for two screening this summer's creations, a hanging garden and edible plant giveaway, and a jacuzzi!

Join us!
Tuesday, July 28th, 6-8pm
19th st between 10th and 11th Ave (beneath the Highline)


We are very excited for today's collaboration between teens from this year's Digital Day Camp (DDC) program, and teens from the Whitney Youth Insights Summer Intensive program. The two groups will be joining forces to work with Eyebeam Residents, Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley as part of their Window Farm design team. Today's workshop will ask the question - How can we start a window farming craze in NYC and beyond, using either offline or online resources?

Check out the DDC09 blog to see how it all turns out:

Projects: Window Farms
People: Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley, Stephanie Pereira
Research: Education
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