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If you do any sort of creative work you will almost inevitably hit a wall at some point. Ideas are few and far between and the ones that come just don’t seem to cut it.

Everyone has a different method for working through this, but Alex Cornell over at ISO 50 asked twenty five artists to talk about what they do when they can’t seem to do anything right. You can check out the responses (and respond yourself) here.

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Sydney’s ugliest building may soon be getting a new lease on life through to a plan to ‘reskin’ the entire tower with a high-performance photovoltaic skin. Architecture firm Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (LAVA) has proposed the retrofit, and if their plan is enacted it would turn the 1960’s brutalist building into a brilliant super-efficient eco-tower.

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bnode is an innovative Vancouver-based architecture and design studio, founded in New York City by Innes Yates and Judith Gieseler in 2000. The Vancouver studio was opened in 2006. They design projects of a variety of scales and types, ranging from furniture and residential renovations to houses, commercial and institutional buildings, interiors, landscapes and installations. Their practice engages collaborative partners in disciplines such as engineering, art, technology and ecology. Their work has been recognized with awards and honours and exhibited internationally.

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Copenhagen dedicated €5.4million and outlined a design competition to build a Healthcare Centre for cancer patients in the city to be run in collaboration with the Danish Cancer Society. NORD Architects have just been announced as the winners with a design that utilises, space, natural light and outdoor gardens to encourage a positive mind.



HANDS-ON GET-UP are a collection of wearable structures designed specifically to inspire
pro-active creativity, expressive movement and unexpected consequences.  Whilst in
residence at Eyebeam, I have been creating two parallel projects that express this working
model.  Both schemes incorporate the themes of body, technology and performance, as well
as being inspired by my experiences here in New York City.


Project Created: 
July 2009
Projects: Hands-On Get-UP
People: Aline Fader, Brian, Di Mainstone, Jason Lim, Jen Park, Kendal, Rachel Lamb
Project Type: Wearables
Tags: architecture, Fashion, performance, technology, Wearable
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Carmen Trudell and Jennifer Broutin, NYC-based architects, have designed a DIY device that can be attached to any swinging door as a closure assembly to locally capture and redistribute energy. At Eyebeam they will continue this research to harness human energy by creating a prototype that intervenes with people and architecture at an urban scale. The project’s goals are to increase the quantity of energy obtainable, engage in the larger discussion of sustainability and communicate the potential of human and technological participation in energy production and consumption.

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