Dave + Jeff new Party Reel

These are some of the parties that Dave and I threw in 2007 and 2008. This is just a small taste. For more information about any of the things you see here, check out my other videos, or

Cast: Jeff Crouse


Dirt Party @ Futuresonic

Dave and I went to Manchester, UK to perform Dirt Party at the Futuresonic festival in 2008. For an explanation of the Dirt Party, please check out my video: "Dirt Party @ Eyebeam", or

Cast: Jeff Crouse


A nice article about the urban prospector on boing boing.

“Last week our pals at Gizmodo stumbled on an Instructables project for hacking a metal detector with a hydrocarbon sensor. The goal: use it to find oil you can extract and sell for $$$ OR locate underground toxins, so you can try to sue whoever put them there (win win, if you ask me).”


Steve Lambert solo show walkthrough

Steve Lambert's show "Everything You Want - Right Now!" at Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles' Chinatown.

This walk through includes some of the work from the show, which runs from April 25 through June 6th, 2009.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.
More information:

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A group of us are going to give a series of presentations and workshops in Illinois from March 30th - April 4th. Come check it out if yr in chicago.
Check out the schedule events and participants here:

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