Eyebeam Fellow Kaho Abe worked with Australian students from Christ Church Grammar School to learn about potato voltage and current and how to boost either of these to create tone generators. They also used transistors, dials, and photo resistors to create other tone generators for a unique orchestral experience. At the end of the workshop. students participated in a Potato Orchestra using the devices they created.

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If you are in New York this weekend, come on out to P.S. 1 this Saturday for the Performa 07 book launch. We’ll be there in spirit or maybe even in Second Life.


For Performa07, Second Front performed Wrath of Kong, which mixed the Kong Kong legend with the pop-culture iconography of Donkey Kong.


CPoV Wikipedia Conference

Here is a blog posting on my talk (co-written by Nathaniel Stern) at the CPOV Conference in Amsterdam, which is a decent run-down and I chuckled when the blogger called me a “short man” (I am 5′ 8″). I can only hope she didn’t comment on everyone else’s physical appearances!

My talk was a more detailed look into the theoretical issues behind the Wikipedia Art project, initiated just over a year ago.


Round 2 of the CPOV Conference, this time in Amsterdam (March 26-27). I’m flying out on Friday, where I will be presenting a paper and presentation on Wikipedia Art in collaboration with Nathaniel Stern. On the CPOV blog is an interview by Juliana Brunello, featuring Patrick Lichty, Nathaniel and myself.



An introduction to the workshop by Eyebeam alum and sound designer Hans-Christoph Steiner, who will explore the relationship between sounds and the world around us using Pure Data (aka Pd), a graphics-based software program. By the end of the day, students will be creating their own soundscapes and controlling electronic sounds using their computer mouse.

Tags: art, Videos creator, fashion designer and Eyebeam resident Diana Eng, will work with students to explore the mechanical engineering behind deployable structures by using paper folding techniques to design superhero costumes.

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New York’s not-for-profit center for art and technology Eyebeam will host, will host, this Friday and Saturday (March 12-13), the MIXER: OLYMPIAD, Eyebeam’s version of the Olympics.


Live from New York this Saturday: The Great Avatar Challenge. This mixed-realities performance is a collaboration with Stephanie Rothenberg for Eyebeam’s Mixer: Olympiad in New York. Get your tickets now, as it will be certain to sell out.



My good friend and colleague, Wafaa Bilal, will be speaking this Wednesday at the San Francisco Art Institute. I’d highly recommend the talk.


You might remember him from the “Shoot an Iraqi” project where he lived in a gallery for a month and had a paint ball gun setup to point at him. You could shoot him with the gun for $1 (I couldn’t resist spending a couple bucks).

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