arcitexting at Eyebeam


beam or submarine, this object provides the interior foil for
the platform dance "Eyebeam" done for all the "swells" in the
West Chelsea area and their "digs"


then a few tantalizing "stills" where all movement seems to




contagion, fast procedures / slow computer



"]below are a couple of urls to online websites that we connect to for
the fact we think they really are truly worth visiting[...]...

"[...]what follows are a couple of references to websites which I link to
as we feel they're truly worth checking out[...]..."


maudatar is an abstracted avatar-form produced originally in Blender
and motivated by modified bvh files in a number of videos. there are
some internal chambers which may or may not connect. the form is




just when you think you're hollow enough to swallow the world,
and there's nothing left for you to do but cuddle under the walls,
light bursts forth, dissolving everything in a blue-screen wreck,
and everything you ever loved dearly topples and bursts away,
leaving the brilliance of shattered light over and over again,
and your fear oozes out, and you're disappearing a little more,
breaking everything down as you collapse in tears of misery and pain,
and you breathe and there's no air, bleed and there's no blood,
drown and there's no lake, burn, and there's no fire,
and you shout, there's pictures, pictures, pictures,
and you scream, there's magazines and book and plenty to hear,
and you cry, there's places to go and the moon is always full,
and the moon is always bright, and the moon is always there,


Well, since I've been on the residency - which deals with pain, wounding, death, sexuality, and the virtual - I've also been dealing with the death of my father, embezzlement, flooding, death of my thesis-advisor/friend, and family split-up. So tonight we watched Psych, a popular/satirical television program about a detective pair who solve crimes. So tonight my downstairs neighbor came back; at noon he had had an auto-accident in which his neck was broken, so he was in a heavy brace; the other driver was taken away in a stretcher. So my neighbor has amnesia about the whole incident which occurred four blocks from where I'm typing this, and Azure and I and another neighbor went out to solve the case. We took an infra-red camera and found 150' tracks across a major avenue indicating the other vehicle had been traveling at an untoward rate of speed.

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