Have you ever had the urge to randomly dump a massive amount of files in a public location so that any passerby could share in the fun? Yeah, I didn’t think so. But a new EYEBEAM project being conducted by NYC resident Aram Bartholl is pretty cool. He’s essentially running around downtown New York and installing flash drives, called “Dead Drops” into anything and everything — walls, curbs, posts, etc. The idea is that people are to share random files with one another, offline and on the go.

The concept is pretty cool to think about. Though I’m not too sure just strolling up to some random flash drive jutting out of the wall and then hooking it into my computer is the safest thing to do. Nevertheless, it’s a cool social/tech concept. Any NYC residents run into any of these “Dead Drops” yet?

Step inside for a few shots of what these Dead Drop stations look like…

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Saturday: September 18

Today was yet another busy day, with the Green Prix, workshops, and performances.  I spent most of my time in performances today.

I began my day with voicing my opinion at the Trading Voices booth.  We had a choice to “speak” or “re-speak”, and the questions were about gender equality/inequality.  I decided to “re-speak” which was state another person’s opinion as my own to trade a voice and add confusion in opinions.  I thought it was cool to play a part that I was not, and act a little bit.

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Recap, 2010 01SJ Day 1:

Today was the first day of the biennial!  Everything that I had spent months promoting and working for and it was finally here.  The first day was mainly hectic and exciting.  Hectic because I did not know what to expect, and exciting because I was able to meet a bunch of new artists from the Out of The Garage workshops.

I saw workshops which studied people’s shopping/clothing trends, a solar sculpture from Solar Circus, precision cut cardboard and materials from the tech shop, and other exciting things I would like to take part in throughout the weekend.

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Tonight some CRAFT friends will participate in a panel discussion called Open Retail at Eyebeam's Summer School series in New York City. The event will also be live streamed, for all you out-of-towners.

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4 Mar 2010 - 25 Mar 2010

March: Make your own Wordpress website with Eyebeam Intern Georg Pedersen
Graphic artist and designer Georg Pedersen will introduce the versatile and free blogging platform, Wordpress to students. Students will learn what makes a good website in terms of content, visual layout, and functionality, and then get to create their own webiste over the course of the month.

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It’s been a really great week, not sure where to start. The TASML Symposium was a great way to finally meet a number of people with whom I had corresponded only by email or Skype. And I bumped into several New Yorkers that somehow I’ve never met in person. I guess Beijing is the place to be.


Written from a bumpy 40,000 feet somewhere over Canada, posted from Beijing.


Hacking Couture is a platform for launching new fashion creations through an open source approach of reverse engineering fashion brands and making the code available online. Hands on workshops encourage participants to create using the codes regardless of their level of fashion knowledge, and to engage in the larger fashion conversation. By understanding the coding of established fashion, this project provides a platform to empower participants to step up and create.

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May 2006
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