Facebook’s proposed storage center in Lulea Sweden 60 miles south of the Arctic circle will keep data cool, using the environment as a natural heat sink.

18 degrees north, tucked away on the remote Island of Spitsbergen Norway, at a site selected for its stability, the Svalbaard Seed Bank a.k.a “Doomsday Vault” stores genetic backups of food crops with room for 4.5 million varieties. 

Venture into the icy tomb of the Cold Coast Archive, a project by Signe Lidén, Annesofie Norn & Steve Rowell 


IBM’s 120 million gigabyte array, the world’s largest data center, could hold 60 copies of the Wayback Machine, the Internet Archive’s backup of the entire web.

“This 120 petabyte system is on the lunatic fringe now, but in a few years it may be that all cloud computing systems are like it,” says Bruce Hillsberg, director of IBM storage systems in Almaden, California. 


Bytes were never built to last. Hard-drives inevitably fail; links rot; web services fold. The legacy of our civilization, our shared history and culture, depends upon the endurance of digital collections. 

Archive, a compendium of documentaries told from the perspective of archivists and cultural producers, looks at the history of the Internet and attempts to archive its contents on a massive scale: from’s Wayback Machine to the Amazon Glacier.


We thought: culture is much more important than politics. Let’s just start getting people living the way they wanna live.

You wanna live in a world where you don’t have to work? Let’s make it.

You wanna live in a world where you can get food for free? Let’s make it.

You wanna live in a house with lots of women and men and live the way you want? Let’s do it.

Let’s make the world that you imagine real by acting it out.

And if you can act it out, it’s real.

– Peter Coyote on The Diggers

From a PBS documentary on The Diggers.

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Paperback, 168 pages
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Fall 2009
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Recipes for an Encounter functions as a literary extension to the 2008 group exhibition "Kits for an Encounter" at Vancouver's Western Front, which consisted of work that actively engages the viewer by providing the necessary components for instigating or troubling the notion of an encounter. This collection of texts, diagrams, and illustrations provides further "how-to" instruction for relational projects in the manner of a recipe book.

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paperback, 176 pages
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August 2006
Media Theory
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No discourse seems more hollow at the present moment than that about tolerance and freedom of expression: in Western culture these concepts are scarcely capable any longer of generating meanings that apply and appeal to all of us. The codes, rules, agreements and symbols that determine our freedoms and rights within the public domain have ceased to function effectively. Leaving cynicism and nihilism behind, the politico-philosophical concept of the public sphere needs to be articulated anew. The desire for this is projected not just onto politics, but also onto art, architecture and the city. Open 10 brings together analyses, stances and proposals of theoreticians and artists.

People: Liesbeth Melis, Jorinde Seijdel
Tags: public, culture, expression
"I wish for a tasty dish", what would you wish for?

I ♥ Bushwick juxtaposed creativity with community to form an interactive neighborhood get together. I ♥ Bushwick was an community party with activities of all sorts, activities with no age restrictions allowing the community to bond and become further connected to one another.

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September 2009
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