The Pop Up Party on the LowLine (DDC09’s alternative to the Highline) was fantastic.

Over the course of one week, we researched and explored the Highline – asking ourselves questions about what it once was, what it is now, who built it, for who – by interviewing people on it, and people who live and work nearby, including those who have never checked it out, and never plan to. We considered everything we had learned, and using all our skills and resources developed of the course of this summer, we decided to design a guerrilla, public intervention.

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by Jade, Luis, Caroline, and Fernando

(opening 60 seconds lovingly appropriated from another student film!!)


video response piece by Spencer, Zoe, Luther, Siena, and Lily


While at Socrates Sculpture Park, I immediately thought of another man-made park we had been spending a lot of time at – the High Line. At Socrates the water was so close, and the overall feeling was so quiet.


On monday night July 27th, five students from Eyebeam’s Digital Day Camp stayed late to investigate and participate in a music production workshop given by Jon. With help from his two interns D.V and Deeds, Jon took us on a crash course through the basics of music recording and production, spanning from from mic types  to production tricks to getting that perfect sound using different equipment. He pushed us to listen to music in an involved fashion, and we had to tune our ears to hear the subleties that made each song come together. After pouring through the information, we split into team to make quick songs using what we had learned. After around an hour of working both teams presented great and very different minute long demos.

Team 1 : Luis, D.V., Zoe, and Jade

Team 2: Spencer, Jon, Deeds, and Usman

Overall it was a great expirence and everyone learned a ton!


Today is the day before the Pop-Up Party! So we are running around cutting fabric, making plants and other stuff to make the Pop-Up Party what it should be. For you this is a regular Monday but for us it the last touches on a masterpiece.



In this video you are able to see how we use our imagination with a little of creativity.Living in New York City we know how it is to travel and sometimes we know how it is to be in a hurry and get to the train on time, with this in mind, that was what became the motivation of how we used the space at the socretes sculpture park.

Party with us on July 28th, 6-8pm

Party with us on July 28th, 6-8pm

DDC09 students have used all our wisdom and know-how collected over the course of this summer to plan our final project – A Pop-Up Party! The party will include ice-cold lemonade (delivered via pulley system to both Highline and Lowline visitors), a fort for contemplating life, games, live musical performances, a movie theater for two, and a hanging garden and edible plant giveaway!


Stephanie is the Education Coordinator at Eyebeam, which means she is lucky enough to spend every day of DDC09 with this amazing cast of characters. In addition to seeing what these fancy teens can do, she enjoys long walks on the beach, sunsets, and kittens.

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