Hello my name is Mayte Burgoa and I am from the Bronx. I am a creative person, outgoing, down to earth and I stand up for what I believe. Fashion is my life and I design wedding dresses. I’m a passionate person who cares about others and making a change.


We are very excited for today's collaboration between teens from this year's Digital Day Camp (DDC) program, and teens from the Whitney Youth Insights Summer Intensive program. The two groups will be joining forces to work with Eyebeam Residents, Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley as part of their Window Farm design team. Today's workshop will ask the question - How can we start a window farming craze in NYC and beyond, using either offline or online resources?

Check out the DDC09 blog to see how it all turns out:

Projects: Window Farms
People: Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley, Stephanie Pereira
Research: Education
Tags: DDC, DDC09, summer school
Start Date: 
8 Jul 2009 - 28 Jul 2009
1:30PM – 5:30PM

Digital Day Camp 2009 students engage in lectures and hands-on workshops focusing on art and technology tools, careers in the field, and relevant social and artistic topics. Through their investigations, they will have the opportunity to research current themes in arts and technology, and develop their own project in response to what they discover.

Final projects are promoted through Eyebeam’s website, and through a final public event on Tuesday, July 28, from 6–8pm on 19th St between 10th and 11th Ave, beneath the Highline.


Through a hands-on choreography of fashion, technology and performance, Di Mainstone creates playful adornments that roam the body, hiding and revealing tales that are close to her heart. Di has collaborated with a range of artistic institutions, including the Banff New Media Institute, XS Lab, Montreal and most recently V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam. Her wearable installations have been displayed internationally at conferences, exhibitions and festivals.

For the Eyebeam residency, Di will prototype a set of wearable structures that question both our sense of interconnectivity as well as our understanding personal space within the city environment.

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