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I am speaking on a CUNY Open Access Week panel on Open Access in the Arts, which includes lecture/presentations by Doug Geers, Nina Paley, and myself. There will be a full screening of Nina Paley’s Sita Sings the Blues to follow panel presentation.


HOWTO Negotiate a Creative Commons License: Ten StepsMore DIY How To Projects

After a recent conversation with an author that signed a contract and then realized she should have negotiated a Creative Commons license for it, I realized I should revive the HOWTO CC post as an instructable. Same content, new form. New community.

Original all-text-no-pictures version here


CRUMB interview

As I get ready to take part in the Transmediale/FLOSSmanuals book sprint for the “Collaborative Futures” book, I thought it was relevant to drop this blog post about an older interview about FLOSS and art.


From Patrick Davison, for a workshop at the Quest To Learn charter school in NYC:

Talking to someone on the internet? Want to seem cool? Want to photoshop their head onto that of a celebrity? Well – the digital savvy know how to do that, but the REALLY digital savvy know that Photoshop’s not the only way. The world of digital image manipulation is too often seen as a one-horse race, but it doesn’t have to be that way. GIMP is the premiere, super-fantastic FREE SOFTWARE tool for photo retouching, digital image creation, and cover-for-the-CD-me-and-my-friends-made-in-my-basement making. Come get an introduction to both at once, learning the strengths and weaknesses of both as you make your Facebook photos look better, and your friends be more jealous of your skillz. With a “z.”


Digital Foundations

Celebrate Small Victories: Digital Foundations has run through its initial print run of 8000 copies, and gone into reprints. The publisher has reprinted a run of 4000 copies to meet demand. This semester it was adopted at over 100 colleges and universities; hopefully that number will steadily increase semester by semester. But for now, we celebrate reprints!


xtine is a media artist and educator, and the co-author – with Eyebeam senior fellow Michael Mandiberg – of Digital Foundations: Intro to Media Design with the Adobe Creative Suite (New Riders/AIGA 2009). She is informed by the history of conceptual art and practices in the era of social-networking. Using tools common to consumer web practices, such as databases, search engines, blogs, and applications – sometimes in combination with popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Mechanical Turk, she creates web projects and communities that foster interpretation and autonomy. xtine believes that art can shape social experiences by mediating consumer culture and envisioning imaginary practices.



My new favorite blog, from my long time favorite education collaborator. At Design Educator xtine burrough takes on design and education, with a focus on the role of art in design education, and vice versa. written by an artist teaching design. Full of great things to think about as an artist teaching design, and as a student learning design or art or art & design.

I asked xtine to write a post about bad email addresses. These are only slightly modified versions of some of my students current email addresses. I have modified them enough to preserve their anonymity, but preserve their character:


I gave a lecture on August 8th at Dorkbot PDX entitled FAIL, WIN!, FTW?. It is a summary of my recent work experimenting with open licensing on physical objects. I explore what has worked, and what hasn’t, and some of the lessons I have learned.

Marisa Olson also spoke; her lecture is here


Digital Foundations has been given a glowing review on The Tech Static and has appeared on Google Books

My plugins got a historical shout out in Nicholas Knouf’s statement about his new plugin.


I have been trying to find a way to distribute my CC licensed master files, from little Illustrator files, master video files, to the 500MB InDesign file for the Digital Foundations book ( This is an experiment. Because these are all graphics and master files, i am going to put them in “Other.” We’ll see how this goes.

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