After School Atelier (ASA) is a semester-long program that provides NYC public high school and middle school students the opportunity to work in a studio environment and to develop new media art projects under the guidance of Eyebeam’s Teaching Artists.

This outreach program helps students to deconstruct media messages about teens by teaching digital imaging techniques, introducing them to guest-lecturing new media professionals, and engaging them with art and design issues. Each semester Eyebeam holds one class for High School students and one for Middle School students. Each class runs two days per week for 7 weeks, depending on the school schedule. The students are offered opportunities to work on projects cooperatively with the Arists-in Residence, professional mentors, ASA staff, and their peers.



Friday and Saturday mark our final days walking the halls at Eyebeam. I can't believe it's finally coming to an end. Who knew eleven months would go that fast? And what are we ending it with? A fucking bar table. 

Anyway, instead of getting caught up in the present, let's take a trip down memory lane, the highlights of my stay at Eyebeam. 

Diana Eng! Fairytale Fashion! 


It is bittersweet here at Eyebeam - It is our final week at Eyebeam, and students are cranking away on projects, ideas, and their plans for the Student Resident farewell on Friday night after Open Studios.


Hi there!

Today concluded the spring drop-in program with an awesome investigation into 3d graphic environments. With Dan's leadership, we created primitives and nodes in Blender, a free 3D modeling and game environment. Afterwards, we took a look at Yo Frankie, a pretty cool open-source game created with Blender. With the knowledge from the workshop, students can edit the graphics and relaunch the game with their customized graphics!

To download, play and modify these games, follow these links:

Download Blender and BlenderPlayer from
Download Blender Games that you can modify from


The past two weeks at Eyebeam's Drop-In program have been full of
internet culture exploration through social networking and gaming
media. Last week Dan Walmsley introduced students to MUDs (Multi-User
Dungeons) and MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucinations) through
text-based social media. Students learned how to access rooms and
interact with users and objects (all in a text format!) through Mac's
Terminal commands. Students then learned how to create objects, rooms,
and environments that others can interact with and explore!

Today we looked at game emulators and talked about the culture of the
early gaming medium. Some of the games we talked about and played
included The Secret of Monkey Island, The Curse of Monkey Island, King
Quest 2, Sam and Max Hit the Road, and Day of the Tentacle. These
award-winning classics gave students another perspective into early


Makes things clear.

I've been working with Dustyn, creating rave sheep and party gears. Dustyn is writing a book for Artists, based on her classes she led and NYU, I believe. So while she's feverishly typing away on her computer, talking to her putter-togetherers for her book, she's been working with me, mentoring me in the vast land of robotics. She has been helping me understand how simple machines work. 
It has been a pleasure working with Dustyn, for making time for a high school student who cannot even understand how gears work and really dedicating time: however small, I really appreciate. She made gears not as complicated as it is. (Which it's not. It just takes me a little longer than normal people.) 
Here's the crazy rave sheep that hops!


Hey Eyebeam...I have to introduce you to my new friend Justin! I've known him for a while and then we kind of went off the radar. Well anyway, it turns out Justin has been up to a lot lately. He's staring in Glee in the upcoming season, as a new transfer student to the school who joins the Glee club. He also is the potential love interest for Fin...(no one's sexuality is safe next season). Justin was also cast in two upcoming movies, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, and perhaps the most anticipated movie/movies of the decade, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows parts one and two!  

Justin also models, and is so amazing at it too! 
You can follow him on Twitter: JustinKohrs , and he'll answer all your questions! 


Today was the last workshop in electronic music production.  Students completed 2-4 minute songs that feature beats, harmonies, and effects in LMMS, Audio Mulch, and Audacity. Students were introduced to the fundamentals of beat creation, loops, sampling, special effects, and began incorporating their work into layered compositions from week-to-week. Here are some pics from today's workshop and mp3 song examples - check it out!

Next week begins a new workshop -- for the first 3 weeks in June, Dan Walmsley, and Gabriella Coleman will explore online cultures and social networks through the groundbreaking programs of the modern Internet. It's shaping up to be an awesome program, so don't miss it!  You can RSVP right now!
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