Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs
RELEASE DATE: March 16, 2012
Photographer of 365 EPA Superfund Sites to Speak at the Historic Thomas Center

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The City of Gainesville Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs announces a lecture by New York media artist Brooke Singer on Friday March 30 at 6 p.m. in the Thomas Center Long Gallery. Recognized for her work photographing 365 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Superfund sites from outside New York City to Hawaii, Singer will speak on Alternative Histories: Mapping Toxic Legacy and Tracking Superfund.

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We are working on the web site for the project Excedents/Excess. In the meanwhile, I will post images from our install at Matadero.

Close-up of Food Waste in NYC Map (Spanish version)

The Collaborators (video interview)



And this announces our residency.

Ricardo Explaining our Research to Journalist at Opening

(and, here is the article from that interview)


Flock House is a group of migratory, public, sculptural habitats that host on underused urban infrastructure as they move with the help of preexisting transportation routes: from barges to flat bed trucks to helicopters, they can easily catch a ride to the next destination while living off and providing for their surroundings.

Commencing in New York City and choreographed throughout urban centers in the United States and three planes of living (subterranean, ground, and sky) the shape and form of Flock House is inspired by current global human migration patterns. Built collaboratively upon reclaimed, redesigned, and rethought materials within a gift culture, Flock House sets out to inspire reinvention of mobile structures in a time when growing urban populations are faced with imminent environmental, political, and economic instability.

Project Created: 
October 2011

Artists, in recent years, have pioneered forms of interactive, environmental, and database art that document socio-political, cultural, and natural phenomena that were once the purview of the film and video documentary. While film and video had the ability to collect, record, narrate, and argue about the historical world, expanded documentarians utilize the full palette of digital media in order to engage audiences, participants, and users in the production, archiving, and mapping of the real. Interactive and multimedia works implicate spectators in the production of information and arguments about the world, foregrounding the public nature of the construction of knowledge.

Participants include: Steve Dietz, Andrea Grover, Skip Blumberg, Ryan Griffis, Mark Shepard, Millie Chen, Stephanie Rothenberg, Benj Gerdes, Angel Naverez and Valerie Tevere & Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga.

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Ricardo and I have been awarded a commission and residency from El Ranchito (a project of Matadero in Madrid) along with artist José Luis Aguilera and Beatriz Marcos.

The artist-in-residence at El Ranchito is unique in that it is available for artists who do not reside in Madrid (whether Spanish or international) and come recommended by artists and cultural agents who are city residents in order to develop a joint or collaborative project. The residencies can last from 3 to 6 weeks between May and December 2011. We will begin our residency in early December and remain in Spain through January.

More soon about the specifics of the commission, but here is the announcement on the El Ranchito blog.


This summer I am visiting several sites in western states (NM, CO, MT) with my large format camera as I continue production on my Superfund photo series. This past weekend I was in western NM — uranium country — and drove back through the most magnificent thunderstorm. How I love the sky and openness out here!

Below is a snap shot I took in Milan, NM. I will be speaking about this very recent work (and the photography series in general) hosted by the Santa Fe Art Institute this Friday at 6pm at Tipton Hall.


Today I presented my Superfund365 viz and photographs at the Earth Science Info Partners (ESIP) gathering in Santa Fe at the beautiful La Fonda Hotel. Met some interesting people from EPA, NASA, NOAA and more. Learned about semantic visualization and got some inside scoop about possible future EPA data sharing plans… I chalk that up as a good day! Thanks to Tim Dye for making it happen.

More about ESIP:
The Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP Federation) is a broad-based community comprising researchers and associated groups that produce, interpret and develop applications for Earth and environmental science data. By increasing the use, usability, and value of the world’s leading data and tools, the ESIP Federation paves the way for science data and information to be used by people concerned about the health of our planet.

People: Brooke Singer
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We arrived last Sunday in Santa Fe for a month-long residency at the excellent Santa Fe Art Institute. At the end of our stay, I will be presenting my work on Friday, July 29, at 6pm. The following Saturday and Sunday, Ricardo and I will be co-teaching a rotoscoping workshop.

And, here is Iggy in our studio getting his first soldering demo from Dad. Top secret (robot) project to be unveiled September 2011 at Momenta Art, Brooklyn…

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