Visual Voltage
opening -> January 7, 18 – 24.00:

I’ll be showing my video on urban prospecting at the exhibition.

“The exhibition Visual Voltage deals with the mayor subject “energy“ from the perspective of Swedish designers and artists.
Both climate change and pending decisions on the European energy politics motivate also artists and designers from Germany to respond to this subject with their work. These responses are now presented in the exhibition Visual Voltage Amplified which opens on January 7, 2010 and accompanies Visual Voltage until January 24.”

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A nice article about the urban prospector on boing boing.

“Last week our pals at Gizmodo stumbled on an Instructables project for hacking a metal detector with a hydrocarbon sensor. The goal: use it to find oil you can extract and sell for $$$ OR locate underground toxins, so you can try to sue whoever put them there (win win, if you ask me).”


A group of us are going to give a series of presentations and workshops in Illinois from March 30th - April 4th. Come check it out if yr in chicago.
Check out the schedule events and participants here: http://roadshow.eyebeam.org/schedule.html


In mid May, I’ll be installing and giving workshops on my Oil Prospecting kit at Futuresonic in Manchester, UK. It will be an interactive installation with live over-hyped twitter feeds of people striking it rich using the oil finder, and google map mash-up of potential money spots. More info on the project here.


I’m starting a residency in mid-february at Eyebeam Atelier in NYC. There, I’m going to be working on a project called OMG, I’m on TV. ( spell out O. M. G. when you say it. It rolls off yr tongue better;)

People: Jon Cohrs
Research: Open Culture
Tags: art, exhibit

Moss Bombs, a project and Instructable I created in 2007 was included in the Experimenta Design 2008 Show in Amsterdam.

People: Jon Cohrs
Research: Open Culture
Tags: art, exhibit
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