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Today was the last workshop in electronic music production.  Students completed 2-4 minute songs that feature beats, harmonies, and effects in LMMS, Audio Mulch, and Audacity. Students were introduced to the fundamentals of beat creation, loops, sampling, special effects, and began incorporating their work into layered compositions from week-to-week. Here are some pics from today's workshop and mp3 song examples - check it out!

Next week begins a new workshop -- for the first 3 weeks in June, Dan Walmsley, and Gabriella Coleman will explore online cultures and social networks through the groundbreaking programs of the modern Internet. It's shaping up to be an awesome program, so don't miss it!  You can RSVP right now!

It's come the time for the wonderful BLOGPOST TIME.
I've been working with Abhu and Leo for the past two weeks, and I've been photoshopping their images onto shirts and chiz.
It's been fun, but it's time for this old dog to find a new bone! (If you know what I mean.)


It has been a quiet day at Eyebeam today, with Luther and Zoe offsite working on Luther's fashion show, and Spencer (hacking away at DJ Hero) and Jade (making small machines with Dustyn) TOTALLY absorbed in what they are up to.


Last night I did a workshop for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council on WPFolio, a free and open-source theme for creating artists portfolios with WordPress. This also meant a ramp up of work on the WPFolio project, including a new release of the code and a new instructional site for WPFolio.


Michael Mandiberg showing us how its done over pizza.


Tonight we gathered at Eyebeam to load up on our senior fellows' pro skills before they leave us this summer... (sniff). Here was the agenda:



SADbot is the name of the installation that Ben & I are developing for the window gallery at Eyebeam. It will be solar powered and interactive – two things that might be a first for window galleries in general. We realized early on that the costs for project supplies would be pretty high, so decided to try Kickstarter to get funding. We just launched our project this afternoon, and in less than an hour already had three backers! Come join the fun and support SADbot on Kickstarter, then come to Eyebeam starting June 8th to see it in person.


Last Thursday was our first session in Electronic Music Production in LMMS.  Musician and writer Jace Clayton (aka DJ/rupture) introduced students to the free, cross-platform software for music production. Students dove right in to creating custom beats, utilizing instrument tracks, and began creating compositions of their own design. There was a wide range of interests from mixing tracks, creating instrumental harmonies, to sampling... and you can listen to some of the amazing work here! Jace will be talking about sampling, FX processing, compositional elements, and other music production techniques in the remaining workshops this May.

The drop-in program runs every Thursday from 4-6PM. Doors open at 3PM.

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