This is the first project I did at Eyebeam. It was for the “Olympiad” mixer that took place on March 12&13th, 2010. The following materials were used for the curling stone hat:

  • Red & Silver Pleather
  • Batting – to give the puffy look in the silver area
  • Cardboard – to stiffen the vertical part of the side of the stone, to give shape to the red top
  • Stiff wire – to stiffen handle part
  • Glue gun – to stick top to metal stone

One person would get under the stage, stick their head through the hole, and wear the curling stone hat. The other people would stand on the stage either releasing the stone, or brushing.

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Today, we (the student residents) continued our meeting series that has been going on for the past week or two. We have been meeting with the new artists working at Eyebeam. So far we have talked to Kaho Abe (Fellow), Ted Southern (Resident), Tahir Hemphill (Resident), and Dustyn Roberts (Resident), who are all doing amazing work. But today we met with Jacob Ciocci, a new fellow. He showed us some of his old work, along with some of his projects he is going to be working on at Eyebeam, and to say the least his work is intense. As he explained to us, he enjoys working with color, especially the neons of the '80's, and uses remixed VHS tapes to make his audience investigate certain ideas which straddle of the border of cliche and meaningful. But his work is not limited to video; he has published 'zines, books, paintings, music, and the list continues. Below is a sample of his work.


Today in Girls Eye View, we looked at some examples of artwork that is created by asking others questions, and then capturing the responses via photos. We then talked about what some of our personal questions are, and then created signs featuring some the questions that trouble us, or questions that we think are important.


Potato Powered Buzzer from Kaho A on Vimeo.

I have been working on making a workshop. First I wanted to use potatoes to power sound generators, but I realized that the potatoes do not make enough current. I need like hundreds to make decent current. With a parallel/serial combo configuration I was able to make roughly 1.5V with something less than 1mA. This is enough to power a low-voltage piezo buzzer. It’s faint but it will do! I tried lemons and different cuts for both the lemons and potatoes, but so far the whole potatoes seem to work the best. It maybe a matter of opinion but powering something with potatoes seem more exciting than lemons!

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We’ve often thought to ourselves, “If only there was a website that analyzed my facebook events and told me in advance whether I’d be attending a sausage party.”


Amanda McDonald Crowley, executive director of Eyebeam, New York City's non-profit art and technology center, will explore some of the work artists are doing on food and sustainability issues in a talk on Thursday, April 1, at the Burchfield Penney Art Center.


The Eyebeam Roadshow will be heading out to San Jose from Sept 4th to 19th to join the amazing SJ01 festival.

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