Alright, so today was a pretty chill day. We all just came together to talk about our major plan for our window display. I don't want to spoil what I may think is a surprise, but I know that a major factor of our Christmas extravangaza will be a baby eyebeam, and for added realism, a camel....

Researching today was pretty crazy, and we came across such scandalous information. I'll just say someone was sued by Eyebeam for a big misunderstanding with their intelectual property.....but on a lighter note, I guess I can show you some of our super crazy plans...


As part of the Postgravity Art: Synaptiens* event which invites hour-long interventions into a 50-hour performance cycle, I will be enacting a two-person performance: Space Age Love.



Dragan Živadinov talking about Postgravity Art::Syntapiens

Video by Spencer Brown, Eyebeam Student Resident.
Ticketsn $10: tinyurl.com/yjkcln8

Cast: Rebecca Cittadini

Projects: Postgravity Art :: Syntapiens
People: Spencer Brown
Tags: event, eyebeam, Postgravity Art :: Syntapiens, postgravityart, syntapiens, Videos

Studio Visits @Eyebeam Oct 23 & 24 3-6PM

Date: Fri., October 23 + Sat., October 24, 2009 | 3–6PM
Location: Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC


Richard Serra @ Gagosian

They did three load in days w/ this obscenely large crane. At first we thought they loaded them in, and then three days later, loaded them out. We couldn’t believe the hubris of Larry Gagosian to spend that much cash on installing those works for three days… so someone could see them?  Then we realized they all just looked the same and they were just packing them in. I think there are about nine of these monsters in the space.

Serra’s work has always been about cutting off traffic…


openstudios “Uncommon Ground” will be displayed at Eyebeam’s Open Studios this weekend.

Uncommon Ground is a sound installation created in collaboration with Victoria Estok. Using stethoscopes against a five by five foot planter box, people can hear the plants commentary, discussions, and inner thoughts – which are normally inaudible to human beings.

The plants are voiced by comedians and neighbors, including; Reggie Watts, James Bewley, Cathleen Carr, Maria Del Piano, Courtney Robinson, Jonathan Shahn, Steve Trevelise, Kenya Robinson, Stefanie Connell, Maya Connell, and Larry Bogad.


Graham Parker stopped by for a studio visit, and we had a great conversation. The highlight was when he told me to “choose my words less carefully.” In the description he writes:

First in a series of studio and show visits with contemporary artists. I’ve known Michael for some years - probably since a friend directed me to his Shop Mandiberg project. He’s recently been a research fellow at Eyebeam and is having an open studio there soon - mostly showing off work he has been producing with a laser cutter. He invited a few people along to do some studio visits in advance of that and I happened to have my camera with me when I went along. He’d set up a lot of work in one of Eyebeam’s main display spaces, so the effect was much more like a solo show than a regular studio visit.



James Wagner and Barry Hoggard came to see my installation last Monday. James has written up his impressions. James says:

Mandiberg goes where no laser cutter has ever gone before. Some of the work physically and dramatically distinguishes important newly-established contemporary technologies from their aging or defunct antecedents (many of which could once have been described as cutting edge themselves), The result is a visual dialogue charged with the passage of time and composed in the empty spaces we see “written” in and on various kinds of reference books.

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