8PM – 12AM


JUNE 16, 2009
8PM – Midnight

PARTICIPATION REQUIRED: On June 16, 8 – 12AM join the creative process with glam cocktails, tasty food, deadly “big-yard” music, and a preview of the latest in art and technology. The Eyebeam Benefit is your chance to meet our all-star cast of contemporary artists and creative technologists, hob-knob with other like-minded creatives in our unique warehouse venue, and contribute to one of the most innovative art centers in North America, and arguably the most original in the world. All proceeds benefit Eyebeam educational programming, residencies and fellowships.

Projects: Causal Encounters, Fever Karoke, FIVE, Hack Your Face, OMG I'm on .TV, Re-ware, Sansystem, Window Farms, World Series of 'Tubing
People: Aaron Meyers, Art Jones, Benton-C Bainbridge, Daniel Perlin, David Jimison, Fever Creative, Fluxxlab, Hans Christoph-Steiner, Intake Manifold, Jeff Crouse, Jon Cohrs, LoVid, Rashaad Newsome, Rebecca Bray and Britta Riley
Tags: 2009, benefit, eyebeam, version3.0

These pix were taken right at 6pm, so there was close to no one there yet. By 7pm, the room was packed. Thanks all for coming. The show is up through June 9th. Ping me if you want a walkthrough.

Drawing Contemporaries

Drawing Contemporaries

Drawing Contemporaries


Where Lives Come to Die
Video, 3′31
San Francisco, 2009

This piece is based on a poem by Scott V. from Oakland. Scott and I have been friends and collaborators for a long time. I saw him perform this piece live and people were laughing, confused, and depressed all at once. It was amazing. After collaborating on a long-form experimental video, we decided why not keep the momentum going and turn the poem into a video?


Drawing Contemporaries

Opening reception: Thurs., May 21, 6PM – 8PM

Drawing Contemporaries, curated by Eyebeam senior fellow Michael Mandiberg, is an exhibition of works on paper made by a peer group of new media artists who all make drawings, either as a primary object, or as an experimental step in their process. The artists often use computers or algorithms as a logic structure or drawing aid in a way that is foregrounded in these works. Many of these artists are Eyebeam affiliated, but all are contemporaries whose influences upon each other can be traced in this exhibition.


Graffiti FAIL

Mandiberg Solving Problems... Advertising is not Graffitti. Graffitti Walls are not places for Advertising, especially on the front of Eyebeam's space in Chelsea.

for work by Michael: mandiberg.com
for more anti-advertising work: antiadvertisingagency.com

Cast: Michael Mandiberg


I know, I should write these more often, so there is less to digest in each one. Much activity of late:

1. Permanent State of Emergency

2. New Videos

3. Shows and talks

4. OMG I’m Twittering: http://twitter.com/mandiberg

5. Histoires à l’ère numérique

1. Permanent State of Emergency


April 7 - 28: Eyebeam’s new window gallery in a Permanent State of Emergency


DeleteCity Explainer

Delete City uses the ridiculous storage allotment of web hosting services like Dreamhost to cache large amounts of user generated content from sites like YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, etc. and then monitors to see if any of this content is subsequently taken down. When it finds removed content, it automatically posts the content to your WordPress blog. The nature of the content can be customized by the user by site, keyword, and other criteria. Devious? Maybe. But also one step in the fight against censorship.

The DeleteCity plugin is currently in development and should be released in November.

Cast: Jeff Crouse


Brother Islands at Eyebeam MIXER (5)

Brother Islands: Places to Lose People
live at Eyebeam MIXER 17NOV07

Benton-C Bainbridge, Minou Maguna, Matthew Schlanger, Ross Goldstein, Jesse Stiles, Dan Winckler, C. Ryder Cooley, Bill Etra, vade, Eric Drasin.
doc. videography by Elsa Vieira.

Supported by VOOM Lab HD and Eyebeam Art & Technology Center


Cast: benton-c bainbridge, Eric Barry Drasin, minoumaguna and vade


Permanent State of Emergency, video still

April 7 - 28: Eyebeam’s new window gallery in a Permanent State of Emergency

Date: April 7 - 28; Opening Reception: April 17, 6 - 8PM
Location: Eyebeam: 540 W. 21st, NYC
Cost: Free

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