FLOSS Book Sprint: Digital Foundations

Eyebeam and FLOSS manuals got together to host the Digital Foundations FLOSSify book sprint! What does this mean?

It means that a group of artists and volunteers got together to translate the entire Digital Foundations text from an Adobe CS-based book to one that uses nothing but free, open-source software. All of the same exercises, all of the same design principles, but taught in step-by-step detail using free software anyone can download.

check out the whole FLOSS manuals page:

and check out the rest of the Digital Foundations book:


I installed some new and in-progress work for studio visits. The test installation helped me figure out how to put the work in the gallery, what goes with what, and what doesn’t, and fine tune those details. This is the first time I’ve made objects in nearly 10 years.


In a profile about Add-Art and the Anti-Advertising Agency, journalist Andrew Adam Newman writes:


Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, 2008

Eyebeam 2008 reel, edited by Eyebeam alum Gerry Juárez.

Cast: Rebecca Cittadini

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