Updated Description of Ninja Shadow Warrior: Ninja Shadow Warrior will be a stand alone photo booth arcade game using the Kinect camera, computer and eventually a touch screen. As the ninja, the player must use ninja magic to hide, by “becoming” objects. The objects become progressively difficult to “become,” as each level is cleared. The highest score achieved during a game will be posted on ninjashadowwarrior.tumblr.com and there will also be a leader board incorporated into the game. The game promotes face-to-face cooperative interaction through strategy, as multiple ninjas can fill out object silhouettes more accurately. This project is currently a work in progress in X-lab. If I am not working on it, it will be available for testing. Try it out and visit us at ninjashadowwarrior.tumblr.com!

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As part of X-Lab, Eyebeam Resident Tahir Hemphill has organized a Rap Research Group. The group - made up of enthusiasts, historians, creative technologists, cultural critics, linguists, teachers, MC’s and academics - will meet to discuss.

The Research Group will meet every other Wednesday at 7PM beginning December 1. The schedule is as follows:



Today Jacob and I drew the shape of the movie. There are two climaxes. The movie is about an awkward couple who fall in love. I am writing a scene about their first date, which takes place at Coney Island. They will copulate and she will give him syphilis. Despite learning that she does not love him and she has given him a sexy disease, they will break out in song and dance.


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Jamie O'Shea's Immaculate Telegraphy: How One Man Built a Telegraph Using Only Stone Age Materials on Motherboard, Oct 2010Jamie O'Shea's Immaculate Telegraphy: How One Man Built a Telegraph Using Only Stone Age Materials on Motherboard, Oct 2010


Over the past two weeks, with the help of Dave and Kaho, we have developed our idea for how we want to go about our proposal for the Future Everything Festival.  We are making it a series of labs (games), where the festival goers will have to complete various tasks related to the scenarios we have designed for the event.  Some of our story boards can be found below.

We chose 5 topics: music, evolution, fashion, food, and weapons.  We created an individual scenario for each one, and we are in the process of deciding what the players will have to do.


Last Thursday, I exhibited After Thought, a performance-installation that I developed while at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center at Art in Odd Places in New York (check out their AIOP website, there’s some great projects there).

As the name implies, these performances that happen in unusual spots in the city, this one being at the 14th Street Y.



Catching up on blogging here at Eyebeam!

A few weeks ago, Evan Boehm emailed Visual Music Collaborative participants to share a new music video he and a friend just completed for Hyperdub's Darkstar. He directly credits learning and inspiration drawn from his work with the Visual Music Collaborative this summer at Eyebeam (with Ghostly International). And they did some of it in OpenFrameworks and released the code! Which we double love.

Check it, it's beautiful. We are happy.


In X-labs, Kaho Abe will be testing various phases of development of Ninja Shadow Warrior including play-testing game play and interaction.

What is it?
Ninja Shadow Warrior will be a stand alone arcade game built with a screen and webcam. The goal is to fill out the shadow of an object as accurately as possible. The scores based on accuracy are kept on a leader board. The game structure of Ninja Shadow Warrior naturally supports face-to-face interaction, as more details can be filled out when more people are playing at once. This game will experiment with crowd sourcing content for the shadow object database.

People: Kaho Abe
Tags: eyebeam
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