The first day at eyebeam everybody presented some of their past work and talked about what they were interested in.

I presented some of my friend and I's past work in Maya.  I showcased some of the capabilities of Maya, which is a 3D Modeling and animation program

I explained how i would like to expand on my maya abilities, and begin with possible animation.

I also talked about my interests in both Programming, such as Java,  as well as video game creation.


I presented art work by phototrealist painters, Ralph Goings, who paints diner scenes: coffee cakes and ketchup bottles, and Pamella Johnson, who paints giant junks food. Max let out a caper of delight when he saw this overwhelmingly large waffle portrait.

I love these artists because food is a mascot of culture in addition to being a subject that is totally universal.


The first day at Eyebeam, we made presentations. Justine's was about photorealist artists, Ralph Goings and Pamella Michelle Johnson who paint food. Justine herself makes comics and paints burgers. Max showed us a unicorn his friend done did  on MAYA. It was pretty cool.


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View Kaho Abe image in CNET News' 'Ideas and innovation at Silicon Valley art and tech fest (photos)' slideshow - CNET News
Kaho Abe, as part of Eyebeam, a DIY art collective based in New York, has created a Rube Goldberg or Fischli and Weiss-like contraption called the Ticket Machine.

Insert a quarter, and follow the path of the deliberately overengineered gizmo as hacked and discarded electronics perform one step after another, leading to the printing of a ticket. My receipt read "Everything has the potential to become a pancake."


Amanda summing up a wonderful day with the Farm City Forum as part of the Farm City festival for Crossing the Line Festival with FIAF. Eyebeam's Food in the City program was proud to co-host this event.


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Originally the MM5000 shoulder and thigh pads were made from bandanas and D-rings. However, it’s been quite a hassle. They slide off while playing, they take a long time to put on and are equally annoying to take off.


I just learned how to use Github to share code. I posted the Arduino code for Mary Mack 5000. You can find it here.

The project is still work in progress, and as I add the other sensors the code will be updated. Click on image above for close up of board used with code.


01SJ Biennial 2010 Logo

I will be giving a Greasemonkey and Firefox Plugin workshop at the 2010 01SJ Biennial, Build Your Own World. There are still a couple of spots in the workshop, but you need to register here.

This workshop is part of the 01SJ Eyebeam Roadshow.

The workshop runs three days, from September 17-19: Friday, 9/17/10, 5:30-7pm and Saturday, 9/18/10 – Sunday, 9/19/10, 3:30-5pm

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Eddo Stern, Kinetic Shadow Puppets (after Narnia,Segeal, World of Warcraft and Iraq) Plastic, Paper, Electronics, 2008, Interaccess, Toronto

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