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A Hearing Aid for Hipsters
What do you get when you combine increased use of alternative jewelery (read: ear plugs) with a generation with ears blown out from concerts and heavy iPod listening?


FEBRUARY 24, 2010, 7PM
Fairytale Fashion Show



After realizing that calculus and engineering weren’t exactly her style, Diana Eng decided to put her quantitative talents to work elsewhere: in the fashion industry.


Diana Eng (Project Runway, Season 2) will present her innovative educational project that teaches about math, science, and technology through fashion.


Fashion Designer, Diana Eng (Project Runway), who combines science and technology in her work is partnering with the Treasure Academy to explore Fairytale Fashion concepts.

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February 2009
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The interplay of electronic textiles and wearable technology, wearables for short, and fashion, design and science is a highly promising and topical subject. Offered here is a compact survey of the theory involved and an explanation of the role technology plays in a fabric or article of clothing. The practical application is explained in detail and numerous illustrations serve as clarification. Over 50 well-known designers, research institutes, companies and artists, among them Philips, Burton, MIT Media Lab, XS Labs, New York University, Hussein Chalayan, Cute Circuit or International Fashion Machines are introduced by means of their latest, often still unpublished, project, and a survey of their work to date. Given for the first time is a list of all the relevant information on research institutes, materials, publications etc. A must for all those wishing to know everything about fashionable technology.

Paperback, 249 pages.

Fairytale Fashion Website

Fairytale Fashion is uses technology to create a collection magical clothing in real life (with blooming flowers, transforming shapes, changing colors, etc.) for Feb. 2010. We share our work in weekly research and development web videos on our website so that the public can learn about new technology and be a part of the design process. Anyone can help us create the designs by answering the design question at the end of each video.

We are particularly looking for participation from classrooms, after school programs and girl education programs. If you have a class or group that would like to participate please contact us at

Project Created: 
October 2009

I’ve been practicing with web video in previous posts to get my Fairytale Fashion project going. I’m still figuring out some of the challenges like the audio. And looking for a video intern.

The full site should be up on Monday. Weekly episodes will be going up every Monday. I’m starting next week with deployable structures.

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