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Carmen Trudell and Jennifer Broutin, NYC-based architects, have designed a DIY device that can be attached to any swinging door as a closure assembly to locally capture and redistribute energy. At Eyebeam they will continue this research to harness human energy by creating a prototype that intervenes with people and architecture at an urban scale. The project’s goals are to increase the quantity of energy obtainable, engage in the larger discussion of sustainability and communicate the potential of human and technological participation in energy production and consumption.

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Preemptive Media
Preemptive Media is a group of artists, activist and technologists interested in utilizing emerging policies and technologies to create new opportunities for public discussion and alternative outcomes. Consisting of Beatriz da Costa, Jamie Schulte and Brooke Singer, Preemptive Media has an ongoing interest in developing discussion and awareness around the relationship of the individual to emerging technologies and data. In prior projects Preemptive Media has created devices and kits as well as hosted workshops and community events. Ongoing and prior projects include: Zapped! (with Heidi Kumao), Swipe and Moport. Zapped! investigates new technology used for product tracking and border control; Swipe exposes information encoded on drivers' licenses and shared without consent; and Moport is an online tool for generating and sharing mobile phone reports.


Artists have set out to start a window farm craze in NYC. Britta and Rebecca will work with agricultural, architectural and other specialists to create high-profile prototype window farms and means for sharing design ideas to meet varying local situations around the city. This project fits within the larger context of the artists' collaborative work: crowdsourced R&D solutions for environmental issues. Their inspiration for community involvement derives from concepts of local production (think of the coming network of 3-D multi-material printers), mass customization, and mass collaboration enabled by Web 2.0.

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Videographer: Jason Jones.

Video interview with Amanda McDonald Crowley about the workshops associated with the Feedback exhibition.

Video by commissioned artist, Jason Jones, Not an Alternative

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Projects: The Environmental Health Clinic
People: Natalie Jeremijenko

Research: Sustainability
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Interview with artist Michael Mandiberg in Eyebeam's Feedback exhibition...
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