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We're happy to introduce a FREE cutting edge afterschool program "Playable Fashion" at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center that combines Fashion, Technology and Game Design this Spring 2013 semester. This program will be taught by fashion designer turned game designer Kaho Abe, who has worked at labels like Tommy Hilfiger and Gymboree, and games artist and educator Sarah Schoemann. 

Projects: Playable Fashion Afterschool Program
People: Kaho Abe
Research: Education, Game Design
Tags: game design, fashion technology
Start Date: 
5 Jan 2013 - 6 Jan 2013
Saturday January 5th, 10am - 5pm & Sunday January 6th, 10am - 5pm

Are you a teen that loves video games, technology, and fashion design? What about wearable electronics and clothes that act as real game controllers?!

Join us for a radical new fashion workshop at Eyebeam Art & Technology Center over the weekend of January 5th and 6th and you can learn to combine the latest in technology and fashion with your love of digital games.

Aspiring high school designers like you will have the chance to work alongside fashion designer turned game designer Kaho Abe who has worked with global labels like Tommy Hilfiger and Gymboree, and games artist Sarah Schoemann to create their own wearable game controller in just two days!


Projects: Playable Fashion Weekend Workshop
People: Kaho Abe
Research: Education, Game Design
Tags: fashion technology, game design

Hit Me! is a two-player hyper-interactive, physical game that tests speed, agility and the ability to take good snapshots. Utilizing wireless technology and incorporating the concept of the metagame, Hit Me! encourages face-to-face real-world interactions, not only by the players but also by the spectators.

The object of the game is to hit the opponent's button on top of the head. Once a hit is made, the hitter's camera takes a snapshot of the victim. The hitter receives a point for the hit, and up to 2 additional points can be awarded by the Judge based on the quality of the snapshot. The snapshots, points and times are projected on a wall for spectators to observe.

Project Created: 
March 2011
Book Details
paperback, 286 pages
Publication Date: 
October 2003
Media Theory
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Re:Play brings together game designers, new media artists, interdisciplinary curators and players in debate and conversation about technology and design, gaming addictions and geek subcultures, the aesthetics of violence, gender transgressions, the erotics of gaming, and the business of play—capturing the zeitgeist that is digital games. User-friendly and fully illustrated, Re:Play includes a comprehensive game glossary.

Paperback, 286 pages.

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