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October 2009
Media Theory
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This rich collection of writings by pioneering digital artist Mark Amerika mixes (and remixes) personal memoir, net art theory, fictional narrative, satirical reportage, scholarly history, and network-infused language art. META/DATA is a playful, improvisatory, multitrack "digital sampling" of Amerika's writing from 1993 to 2005 that tells the early history of a net art world "gone wild" while simultaneously constructing a parallel poetics of net art that complements Amerika's own artistic practice.


The Internet as Playground and Factory: Session C:

EXPROPRIATING LABOR IN VIRTUAL WORLDS: Free Labor, Collective Intelligence, and Artistic Production

Video of conference session now available online

Start Date: 
24 Aug 2007
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

You are invited to THE GREAT INTERNET SLEEPOVER!!!!!!!!

Camp out with pro net surfers and net surfing clubs as we talk shop, play games, pitch tents, and make a hypertext mess big enough for mom to clean up in the morning.

The Great Internet Sleepover is aimed at highlighting and supportng a developing web art movement and aesthetic. It is a chance for artists and groups creating things on the internet to meet in person, while still "keeping it on the net." Participation is welcome, and encouraged. Sleepovers are a time of bonding, and this one will hopefully lead to new collaborative works and partnerships. The artists will also have access to Eyebeam's arsenal of technologies, and the open structure of the event hopes to mimic in a physical form the same kind of free-for-all, democratic, pigpile-of-content, non sequitor style that characterizes these web surf clubs.

Fun times include:


Projects: The Great Internet Sleepover
People: Bennett Williamson, Double Happiness
Tags: Double Happiness, internet, video games, web surf clubs
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