Event Alert: “BIORHYTHM: Music and the Body,” Opens June 2 at Eyebeam Art + Tech Center

May 27, 2011 by David Weiss

The new exhibition, BIORHYTHM: MUSIC AND THE BODY, will open June 2 at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center in Chelsea. At this, the world’s largest research experiment on music and emotion, you may get fresh insights on the music that you love, and help the scientific community gather valuable information at the same time.

Plug your brain into BIORYTHM in NYC, beginning June 2.

The good people from BIORYTHM explain it all thusly:


Hands On Ayah Bdeir, the founder and, more significant, creator of littleBits.
Published: May 13, 2011

article on Maker community featuring Eyebeam alum Fellows Ayah Bdeir and Limor Fried


Today is Tax Day. While most Americans think their tax bill is fair, many have no idea where exactly their hard-earned money goes. Let's face it, many leaders in government aren't so clear on how much tax money goes to all the different government-funded programs.

So Google and Eyebeam hosted a contest to find the best data visualization of where our tax money goes. Here are seven standouts. Think of them as visual receipts for your tax bill. One of them actually is, and it's pretty funny.

Anil Kandangath won $5,000 for his first place entry Where Did My Tax Dollars Go?, an extremely easy to use visual calculator of government spending.


Infographic Of The Day: Where Did Your Tax Dollars Go?
Announcing the winner of the Data Viz Challenge, run by Eyebeam and sponsored by Google.

Today's tax day! Get excited, people! Just kidding. Everyone hates paying taxes, we know. But at least this year, tax day comes hand in hand with a superb infographic. And not just any infographic; rather, the grand-prize, $5,000 winner of the inaugural Data Viz Challenge, run by Eyebeam with sponsorship from Google (and which we helped judge).


SelfControl is a solution for the hyper- connected world removing annoyances such as email, Twitter and Facebook and let’s you focus on the stuff you actually need to get done.


March 20, 2011

Yesterday Mike Lee of Studiofeast (previously) taught us how to build the perfect ice cream. I’ve never been to an event at The Counter Kitchen. I really enjoyed the format, particularly the emphasis on exploring industrially-processed foods in comparison to the craft of home-cooking.

Here Mike delves into the myriad ingredients of Breyer’s vanilla and explains what we should keep, replace with other ingredients, or (most likely) skip altogether. And he reveals the formula for fail-proof ice cream base: 66% milk, 12% heavy cream, 15% sugar, 7% egg yolk … and then of course flavor, which is entirely up to you.


Designinc: Wall to fork
Mar 12, 2011 5:56 PM | By Nadine Botha
The vertical garden takes its inspiration from the farm to fork theory, which aims to make our eating greener, writes Nadine Botha
BRANCHING OUT: Haldane Martin's vertical garden is designed for city dwellers to make the most of their space

The "farm to fork" distance is the distance it takes for fresh produce to reach your plate. This distance is measured in "food miles" and is said to be responsible for 15% of global CO2 emissions. Consider the air-freighted Mexican avocados, Kenyan broccoli and British baby spinach that pervade SA supermarkets and that statistic comes closer to home.

A global movement to reduce food miles and green our urban environment is growing. Internationally, projects including Britta Riley and Rebecca Bray's hydroponic Window Farms for New York residents and Patrick Blanc's living walls in Paris are making headway.


Eyebeam's The Counter Kitchen Turns Food Upside-Down and Inside Out
By Lauren Shockey, Wed., Mar. 9 2011 @ 12:16PM

Kitchen confidential? Never!
Eyebeam, a cool nonprofit celebrating the intersection of art and technology, is hosting a series called The Counter Kitchen, which explores how science and marketing have made food and product labels impossible to decode and will teach participants to reverse-engineer favorite foods.


In partnership with Google, New York art and technology center Eyebeam has launched a contest to find the best data visualization of taxes.

The Data Viz Challenge, as it’s called, asks designers and developers to use data from and create an infographic that shows how these tax dollars are spent.

The winner will receive US$5,000 and coverage on various websites.

Entries will be judged for their clarity, relevance, utility, aesthetics, and how well they can tell a “persuasive story”, Eyebeam said in a statement. The judges include Google’s Aaron Koblin, Fast Co Design editor Cliff Kuang and New Media professor Brooke Singer, among others.

Submissions are due 27 March and winners will be announced on 18 April, Tax Day.

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