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It is a telling sign that Wikipedia has no entry on media development. Rather, the search results suggest that perhaps you are looking for "ICT for development". Indeed, what is the future of media development when we're still unsure about the future of media in general? And, for that matter, where should funders invest their money to ensure that the same social benefits associated with traditional media (a sense of community, good governance, an informed citizenry) remain while journalism increasingly moves beyond broadcast, and beyond financial sustainability.


How do you define New York City? On September 18th passersby in Tompkins Square Park will be invited to share their answer to this question in words and images. Submitted responses will be projected live after sunset from a giant helium balloon, the Urballoon. The audience can also participate by visiting the website from their mobile device or from an on-site laptop connected to the Internet.

garden weather tweets near you!

Freefarmfeed is an automatic twitter feed from weather stations at various sites around the world designed to provide instant local weather updates for urban farms and food gardens.


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June 2009
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