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This week Cory Arcangel invites us for a peep behind-the-scenes to see how his inimitable brand of internet-infused, code-heavy art gets made. Cory’s one of those rare artists who knows how to make digital art with heart and flesh and soul. With a catalog of work that often celebrates the unfiltered human weirdness and beauty piped to our homes as the internet, the conversation returns several times to the World Wide Web. When we ask Cory for a run down of his favorite internet videos, he shows us a few awesome ones—like this and this. We talk about his earliest work, the now infamous Super Mario Clouds, and the treatise he wrote on jpeg compression. Cory plays us part of his latest piece, a recreation of Arnold Schoenberg’s 1999 op. 11 Drei Klavierstücke comprised entirely of Youtube clips with cats playing piano. And for anybody out there making art as you watch along at home: Cory even gives some great encouragement and advice about the art making process.


I’m working on a new sign for Summer Reading at Jen Bekman Gallery. The show opens Wednesday July 15.

On View: July 15th – August 22nd, 2009
Opening Reception: July 15th, 6pm – 8pm

Jen Bekman Gallery
6 spring street
new york city 10012
tel: 212.219.0166

Work by Thomas Allen, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Kotama Bouabane, Lizzie Buckmaster-Dove, Christine Callahan, Jorge Colombo, William Crump, Lauren DiCioccio, Nina Katchadourian, Gregory Krum, Steve Lambert, Michael Mandiberg, Carrie Marill, Mike Monteiro, Jane Mount, Kirby Pilcher, Jason Polan, Kent Rogowski, Ed Ruscha, Kelly Shimoda, Victor Schrager, Mickey Smith, Alec Soth, Zoe Strauss, Shaun Sundholm, Brian Ulrich, and Tim Walker.


HOWTO Burn the News

A series of laser-cut New York Times. Cut every day for just over a month during the Postmasters Gallery exhibition "The Future is not What it Used to be"

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Cast: Michael Mandiberg, Patrick Davison


I’m calling it a lecture/performance because I don’t know what exactly to call it. I’ll just say I’m taking my talks further into a direction they were already going. Come see at the Figment Festival.  You will learn things and you will be entertained.

I will also be participating in a collaborative project on Saturday near the Ferry Dock.  Keep an eye out.

“Everything You Want, Right Now!” How advertising distorts culture.

Sunday 2:30-3pm – come early, there are some great lectures including fellow Eyebeam Fellow Jeff Crouse at 4pm.
Figment Festival, Pershing Hall, Governor’s Island, NYC

From The Figment Site:

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