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Day 2: Thur., July 9, 2009Publication and DocumentationAs part of Fair Use Day, we considered some of the practical and legal issues concerning reproduction, particularly as it applies to issues of curating participatory and time-based art forms or art which takes place in the public domain. Can publishing be a documentation strategy for creating and curating ephemeral work, or work that is based on conversations or actions? What happens when the art and its documentation are the same thing, as in the case of maps? Release strategies used by curators working with emergent new media forms was rigorously compared.Guests: Lize Mogel (Artist/Curator).Eyebeam respondant: Rebecca Cittadini (Communications and Marketing Manager, Eyebeam).Videography: Rus Garofalo

Projects: CRUMB, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass
Tags: art, eyebeam, new york, curatorial masterclass, curating, open source, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass, crumb, Videos

Day 1: Tues., July 7, 3–5PMWhat open source is and what it means for artHow do practices prevalent in the open source community match up against curatorial paradigms in the visual arts? What is the difference between curatorial openness, working in the public domain or releasing work under a public license? How can we learn about curating and commissioning via platforms which engage audiences or encourage participation? Defining useful metaphors and discarding hyperbolic buzzwords was encouraged.Guests: Curator, Scott Burnham (Creative Director, Montreal Biennial 2009); Dominic Smith (co-founder, Polytechnic, UK).Eyebeam respondant: Fred Benenson (Research Associate, Eyebeam; Product Manager, Creative Commons). Videography: Rus Garofalo

Projects: CRUMB, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass
Tags: art, eyebeam, new york, open source, curating, curatorial masterclass, Summer School: Curatorial Masterclass, crumb, Videos

In 1978 the French Situationist Guy Debord designed and fabricated a board game called “The Game of War.” Thirty years later RSG resurrects this largely forgotten work, translating the game rules from French to Java and releasing it as a free online computer game.

Kriegspiel is produced by RSG. Founded in 2000, RSG is a collective of programmers and artists working on experimental software products.

Kriegspiel production team:

Alexander R. Galloway, producer and programming
Carolyn Kane, research
Adam Parrish, programming
Daniel Perlin, sound
DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek, music
Mushon Zer-Aviv, design

Project Created: 
May 2008
People: Adam Parrish, Alexander Galloway, Carolyn Kane, Daniel Perlin, DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek, Mushon Zer-Aviv
Project Type: Activism, Game, Open Source, Software
Tags: game, game art, Guy Debord, open source, simulation, war

As an introduction to our Upgrade New York year theme we are excited to announce this month’s speaker, Clay Shirky. Clay will discuss the concepts of fork and failure in the open source process and will open them to discussion in the context of activism and the creative process.

Clay Shirky

Clay Shirky

Start Date: 
2 Jul 2009 - 23 Jul 2009
6:00PM – 8:PM | FREE

Summer School @ Night
A series of free evening lectures open to the public led by hosts from Eyebeam’s Summer School program and friends of Eyebeam. No registration necessary.

All events were on Thursdays, from 6:30–8:30PM at Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St., NYC.

Thurs., July 2, 6:30–8:30PM | WATCH VIDEO
A mind shredding evening with the College of Tactical Culture, hosted by Eyebeam senior fellow Steve Lambert and Eyebeam research associate Stephen Duncombe. Lambert and Duncombe discussed tools and techniques in creative activism and the work happening at their new College.

Start Date: 
21 May 2009
8:00PM - 9:30PM

Upgrade! 10th Anniversary Celebration: Thursday, May 21, 2009; 8 – 9:30PM

Download File: 
Projects: Kriegspiel, Upgrade! New York
People: Alex Galloway, Alexander Galloway, Mushon Zer-Aviv, Savic Rasovic
Research: Open Culture, Urban Research
Tags: collaboration, open source, psychogeography, urban research

littleBits launch party and exhibition opening

littleBits is a growing library of preassembled circuit boards, made easy by tiny magnets

Opening: Thursday, April 30, 2009; 6PM – 9PM
Eyebeam: 540 W. 21st St. (btw 10th and 11th Aves.)

6PM: littleSneak: press preview
7PM: littleGeek: talk by Ayah Bdeir
7:30PM: bigLaunch: party

Exhibition was on view at Eyebeam April 30 - May 16, 2009

Crave creativity? Make something! Join us for the official product launch of littleBits at Eyebeam.

Greens growing in a suspended hydroponic Window Farm

We are creating several different designs for suspended, hydroponic, modular, low-energy, high-yield light-augmented window farms using low-impact or recycled local materials. These prototype window farms, to be located in high-profile windows throughout the city, are intended to inspire other New Yorkers to design and implement their own window farms. Signs in the windowfarms will challenge New Yorker to create their own and direct them to a website where we can all share photos, plans, designs, and information. Together, we will derive viable methods for growing food under the local conditions of our own homes in a way that is efficient enough for New Yorkers' lives.

Project Created: 
April 2009

Graham Harwood

Graham Harwood presented his projects and collaborations, including his Eyebeam commission with MediaShed, and work with free media. Joined by the Eyebeam Production Fellows, his collaborators on his commissioned piece with Eyebeam, Harwood presented Gearbox, an open source video editing resource.

A representative from Picture New York made a special appearance to discuss proposed restrictions on photographing rights in public space.

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