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… love these Street View Patchwork landscapes :) by julienlevesque.net


Not by default – Internet Art aus Berlin

at [DAM] Berlin

Constant Dullaart (NL)
Ana García-Pineda (ES)
Tobias Leingruber (D)
Jaakko Pallasvuo (FI)
Ignacio Uriarte (D)
Niko Princen (NL)

Eröffnung: Sa 25. August 2012, 15 – 17 Uhr

anschließ. ab 17 Uhr Sommerfest in der Galerie mit Grillen
Ausstellung: 28. August – 22. September 2012

Künstlergespräch während der Berlin Art Week:
Dienstag, 11. September, 19 Uhr
mit den beteiligten Künstlern und Gästen zum Thema:
Post Internet Art, Moderation: Wolf Lieser


iPhone live
by Johannes P Osterhoff

Currently on show at bauer & ewald, Berlin,
iPhone live party upcoming Saturday, 11th 8pm :)


Pretty clever idea by Raphael to combine the software development platform Github and its repository tools for open source projects with the making and remixing of an art installation. like.

Sculptures conceptualized using a revision control system and represented physically.
by Raphael Bastide


Are you at dOCUMENTA (13) and desperately waiting for one of the iPods to experience the new, beautiful and site specific Janet Cardiff piece? Instead of queuing in line I recommend to take the tour with your own phone while playing this Youtube docu clip of the piece below. It’s super fun and adds and extra layer of confusion to the piece! :)

Janet Cardiff and George BuresMiller – Documenta13, Kassel
‘Alter Bahnhof Video Walk’ 2012


Olia and Dragan preaching ;) the Vernacular Web at the New Museum, NYC last Friday.
Awesome talk! And don t forget to help seeding the 1 TB geocities torrent!!!


“Screen Folding Study / JODI 2011″

'hi  A
trying to fit  a new "carpet in our living'

HAHA …this is sooo good!! Awesome!!!

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