Last Day from Foofwa's Terrific Camera, Two Excerpts

with Chris Diosparra, Foofwa d'Imobillite, Alan Sandheim,
Azur Cartier, Mark Swawreck

of course really like these excerpts; they were pulled
from three hours of continuous performance. Enjoy!
the last posting from this session. past recordings
were collapsed as background, and active mixed reality
backgrounds were transformed. the themes I wanted to
pursue, earlier on, dealing with distortion, pain,
ecstasy, etc. were more dominant, as were methods for
dealing with exhaustion and (in my case) sickness.


creatures GREAT ANd small

every day we learn something new and are very happy
we are growing day by day and producing wonderful work
we are always bettering ourselves and reaching for the stars
every day new plateaus become old plateaus and launching pads
we are miracles and we create miracles
every day there are new wonders and we are so excited
every day our beauty flowers in our works and wonderful new worlds

Eyebeam, Day 5 performance, with Azure Carter, Foofwa d'Imobilite,
Mark Skwarek, and Alan Sondheim


People: Alan Sondheim (with Foofwa d'Imobilite)
Tags: dance, performance, sound

painting, labor, performance

labor around second life: on-the-fly augmented reality, movement
improvisation in relation to images; 'accompaniment' with oud : : performances by Azure Carter,
Mark Skwarek, Alan Sondheim at Open Studios, Eyebeam

paint/Support-Surface in second life, day and night : : golden hour day
painting in Second Life with mesh, other modifications : golden hour night
ptg. in SL w/mesh + mods


arcitexting at Eyebeam

beam or submarine, this object provides the interior foil for
the platform dance "Eyebeam" done for all the "swells" in the
West Chelsea area and their "digs"

then a few tantalizing "stills" where all movement seems to


Wadih Sader in Projection / Commentary

Wadih Sader in Projection

The State Department brought 10 Asian journalists to Eyebeam today,and some of us showed what we have been working on. The images beloware from Second Life, with Wadih Sader in relation to the projections.


I have now the entire text "Krasis" posted online on my website:


- From Monika Weiss; we're collaborating in a few months. I respect her work incredibly; she works with uncomfortable issues of history, memory, mourning, lamentation... - please check out.


- Alan



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