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From next week on the MMI will be serving HOT discs to the public 24/7 right here! (pic by @jasoneppink thx!!)


I left a DeadDrop w/ some goodies on one of my books at König book shop, dOCUMENTA Kassel. If ur around come and get it :)


Skype Drawing, 32 min, Janez Janša,
6 x 10 cm, pencil / colored pencil on paper
by Aram Bartholl


As recommended by Fefe and Frank Rieger I am sending my parents the latest podcast episode of “Alternativlos” #20. :)


(found in 90 Bowery Internet cafe during Evans Speed Show :)


( … and super safe key ;), luggage locker, Hamburg central station)



I am getting ready for an onlineresidency :) (which is nonsense in my point of view ;) at http://onlineresidency.com GREAT DOMAIN ;) !!!  As a little teaser I came up with this compuserv-gif today. :)

(original pic by Pieterjan Ginckels )


This is my current headset (I stole from my own show at Ars Electronica 2007, sorry Maff!). I am thinking of getting
a new one  … although hmmm  … I could fix it again, one more time maybe ? … :)


Tönjes gave me this tiny ‘tool’ because he thought I had left it at his Cafe (MÖRDER). But this wasn’t the case. Then we started guessing what this little needle sort of paperclip tool was good for. Someone said you would need this to eject a sim from an iPhone … is Apple still making you use of the  paperclip emergency technique?!? It is definitely useful to hit reset buttons in little holes but a ball-pen is usually enough for that, no? What is it for? It is definitely sexy, high end crafted, sturdy premium steel. Do you know?

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