Broken Angel

debris located in the corners of the hard-drive,
where three vectors meet and dissolve, as if there
were a spherical geometry at work, or topology
dissolving within the field of the image: something
crashed and slid across the screen, the file no
longer carrying the random access of truth, and
therefore of great or greater interest, than as if
the screen appeared a featureless window or cloud
containing not just the simulacrum of the real, but
that corner of the real itself, within the sectors
of the hard drive, where three vectors meet and
dissolve, as if there were


oh these are AMAZING miracles! *

* of memories of North American surrealism, early AE as well!
I can't get over the fact that these organisms are ALIVE!
they're as alive as my enunciation, now, here, ABSOLUTELY!
they live in the ARCTIC!



debris, dawning
left over from day1 performance; somehow the sound was
transformed into something unworldly and beautiful
left over from the performance materials, here for the color
it's the central gate that fascinates me, holds me
it's the same light over the Matterhorn I do believe


what the oud was doing

the oud was making sound behind the performance space
in front of the performance space behind the viewers
the magic of wires and speakers
the articulated magic of mixers and piezoelectrics
'i don't want to be known as a percussionist, but as an
oud player who utilizes percussion as if he's playing
pipa in the martial style,' 'then descending to mountains
and butterflies'
it's that same alien landscape spewing everywhere
it's that cold light, lcd/led, the light that kills things
nothing can grow in the magic alien cold-light killing field
the oud was saying that and the legs were dancing
the arms were dancing too

People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: Avatar, oud, real, sound, virtual

In the ratio of the absolute, one loses everything.

(Modified from Artaud) abstracted avatars
orbiting and immobilized in a virtual world

In the
the ratio
ratio of
of the
absolute, one
one loses
loses everything.

Artaud) Artaud) from In (Modified everything. the
ratio loses one of the absolute, the the absolute, the of one loses ratio
the everything. (Modified In from Artaud) Artaud) Artaud) Artaud)
from (Modified In the everything. loses ratio of one absolute, the
absolute, absolute, the absolute, one of ratio loses everything. the In



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Projects: Alan Sondheim
Tags: virtual, real, Avatar, sound
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