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If you are in New York this weekend, come on out to P.S. 1 this Saturday for the Performa 07 book launch. We’ll be there in spirit or maybe even in Second Life.


For Performa07, Second Front performed Wrath of Kong, which mixed the Kong Kong legend with the pop-culture iconography of Donkey Kong.


Joseph DeLappe reenacted Mahatma Gandhi's famous 1930 Salt March over the course of 26 days, using a treadmill customized for cyberspace. The original 240-mile walk was made in protest of the British salt tax; his update of this seminal protest march took place at Eyebeam and in Second Life, the Internet-based virtual world. For this performance, he walked the entire 240 miles of the original march on a converted treadmill at Eyebeam in New York City and online in Second Life. His steps on the treadmill controlled the forward movement of his avatar, MGandhi Chakrabarti, enabling the live and virtual reenactment of the march.

Project Created: 
May 2008

Live from New York this Saturday: The Great Avatar Challenge. This mixed-realities performance is a collaboration with Stephanie Rothenberg for Eyebeam’s Mixer: Olympiad in New York. Get your tickets now, as it will be certain to sell out.



Seeking people experienced with SL to help with SL Olympic event at upcoming Mixer. Skills include using camera tools to track SL track runner that will be projected on large screen.

Projects: MIXER
People: Stephanie Rothenberg
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Last Tuesday, Second Front was invited by Joe DeLappe to enact a performance in Second Life around the Gandhi Release Party and subsequent hootenanny.


Gandhi has been imprisoned for a year, mirroring his historical imprisonment.


— a live talk show hosted by Doctor Rodenberger

:: November 21, 2009; 5:00 - 8:00 pm (SLT/PST) ::

Double Happiness Manufacturing, Eyebeam Island, Second Life (90, 34, 124)

Doctor Rodenberger from DOUBLE HAPPINESS MANUFACTURING will be interviewing 3 well know and amazing SL residents that do the same thing in their 1st lives as their Second Life! We’ll be discussing how the virtual environment of Second Life affects the meaning and value of one’s work. A RL audience will be watching the show from Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY. Both RL and SL audience members will be able to participate in a Q & A with talk show guests.




GARRET MEHRTENS, a RL and SL pastor. Pastor Mehrtens officiated the recent memorial service in SL for military officer Grunt Greenwood.


As part of the Postgravity Art: Synaptiens* event which invites hour-long interventions into a 50-hour performance cycle, I will be enacting a two-person performance: Space Age Love.



For the last three weeks I've been participating in the Virtual Worlds Capacity Building Program organized by Global Kids, an amazing organization in New York.  The Edge Project is part of Global Kids recent support from the MacArthur Foundation to expand the capacity of civic and cultural institutions to use new media as innovative educational platforms that engage youth in learning and promote youth civic participation. More specifically, the Edge Project is interested in civic and cultural institutions bringing cutting edge digital media into their youth educational programs.


Come to the Changing Labor Value panel at the New School today, Tuesday  at 5:30pm. Victoria Scott and I will be showing a portion of the No Matter — a fly-through video in the reception beforehand. I’ll be there in person!


Start Date: 
9 Oct 2009


This evening will feature three different artists/groups, which use the online virtual world of Second Life as a medium for performance art. Launched in 2003 by Linden Labs, Second Life (SL) hit widespread popularity in 2006. In this 3D-rendered world, people across the world share a networked space with unique avatars. With a completely user-generated environment, SL enables a rich world of artistic possibilities. 


People: Alan Sondheim (with Foofwa d'Imobilite), Lily & Honglei, Patrick Lichty, Scott Kildall
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