sound research


oud, double-course strings played individually: i worked this out
originally for cobza; here it creates bell-like tones resonant
with the poetics of the origin of the world. i hallucinated korea,
playing the figures of goddesses and dragons from the great tomb.
i hallucinated figures making their way slowly across the stretch
of strings, roads of limited durations. i hallucinated them
literally, my eyes closed, head pressed against the belly of the
instrument, its vibrations my very own, the singular music of
historical memory occasioned by the figures; it was their memory,
not mine, they communicated through the murmur of the wood. for


1980s Egyptian oud

- just received this, shallow bowl, nice rounded sound, lots
of cracks. think this was originally inexpensive (poorly made
sound hole filigree for example), but the spruce top has aged
beautifully, so the sound is good and the action isn't
terrible. when i listened to the recording, i could hear my
nails, my breathing (upper and lower chest, wheezing, tense
from allergic reactions), moving the instrument around, etc.
- and thought - this is the sound of the flesh - using hiss
reduction - keeping only the hiss - i sought to bring this
out - this labor - fully - finding the sound fantastically
transformed, something else of the wonder of the world


the stirring dance of ossi oswalda with ossi the cat solo oud


brilliant roots yellows and blues
Fender electric guitar

brilliant blues in brilliant blue taking harmony harmonics
to new levels & always difficult to do new with the blues
but here, yes!
brilliant yellows in brilliant yellow taking harmonic
harmonics to new levels & always difficult to do new with
jazz and other chording but yes!, here

Occupy Wall Street birdlife

I have to prove to myself I can still play like this. I
have to prove to myself I'm better than ever. I have to
think I'm taking myself to new heights. I have to think

ragged smooth ragged smooth

now it's cold and there's no time to dissolve this


People: Alan Sondheim
Research: Sound
Tags: sound research


192k recordings of desktop activity, Eyebeam, with vibration microphone raised 2-4 octaves

tools: Motu Ultra, Asus Stealth, CoolEdit, Audacity,1920s electro-medical spark-gap generator


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