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Max Lavicka is into 3-D modeling and animation, as well as video game creation, and music. He enjoys finding new and interesting things to do on the computer ever day. Modeling has become a new interest of his, and he is looking forward to expanding on it!

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2010FStudent Resident

Eyebeam will hold Open Studios for Artists In Residence, Student Residents, and Senior Fellows

Friday, October 23 and Saturday, October 24, from 3-6pm.

A two-day presentation at Eyebeam Art + Technology Center allowing a rare, inside look at current research. Guided tours of artists’ work will be given every hour from 3–6PM.


Eyebeam is pleased to host Open Studios for its 2009 Senior Fellows, Resident Artists, and
Student Residents at Eyebeam’s state-of-the-art design, research, and fabrication studio; showcasing video performance, wearable technologies, code and humor, party technology, and sustainablity design.



Group Members: 

We are Professionalized, Pop-Up Public Interventionistas (PPUPI] making temporary environments for people not to stand anytime (that is, to interact, relax and do something).

We mass produce spaces and experiences to:
•    Transform public space;
•    Build instant community;
•    Conduct non-monetary exchange/trade;
•    Perform constant community research;
•    Enact reality shifts;
•    Intervene in under-utilized space;
•    Recycle the city's surplus detritus into productive public art.

To do this, we make all different kinds of portable platforms and mobile stations for people to give, take and make. We also firmly believe in wearing matching outfits.

no standing anytime = Christina Kral [Social(ist) Engineer] + Adriana Young [Real(estate) Developer]

Eyebeam CV
2009FTeaching Artist
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