Ok first, the audience was actually responding and laughing, but it sounds strange because the only mic is on the stage so it’s difficult to hear. But they were there…. Also, this is taken from a stream, so the quality is as good as it’s going to get – sorry about that.

Excerpted from the Liquid Democracies discussion at Transmediale 10 in Berlin.


Talk at CAA: New Media: The Culture of Dispersion
Thursday, February 11, 8:00 PM–10:30 PM

CAA 2010

Thursday, February 11, 8:00 PM–10:30 PM

Grand EF, Gold Level, East Tower, Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chair: Patrick Lichty, Columbia College Chicago

Inferences to the Atomization of the Artistic System beyond Institutional Spaces
M. Elena U
beda, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Art in the Age of Dispersion: Snacks, Niche Culture, and the High End of the Long Tail
Patrick Lichty
, Columbia College Chicago


Liquid Democracies

Start: Sun, 7.2.2010 – 17:00
End: Sun, 7.2.2010 – 19:00
Location: Auditorium, House of World Cultures, Berlin
Participants: Matteo Pasquinelli (it), Steve Lambert (us), Sascha Lobo (de)
Moderator: Tiziana Terranova (it)

People: Steve Lambert
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Monday, November 2, 7:30pm (free /by donation)
The Change You Want To See Gallery and Convergence Stage

84 Havemeyer Street, Storefront
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Live-streamed for remote participants at

Please join us this Monday as we continue our exploration of symbols, branding and persuasion as they relate to activist and creative practice.

People: Steve Lambert
Tags: Talks, News

This is a video from my presentation for Prix Ars on the New York Times Special Edition. I talk about how the idea was generated, developed, and a bit about the purpose of the project as well as some of the ramifications. It’s about 30 minutes total and you can download it below.

See other Prix Ars presentations on their site.


Conflux 2009
Date: Friday 9.18
Start Time: 2:00pm
Location: NYU Einstein Auditorium, Rm. 105, Barney Building

College of Tactical Culture

The CTC is a think tank on creative activism led by Stephen Duncombe and Steve Lambert, where participants traded experiences in order to inform practices, build relationships, and create space for new projects and collaborations.

Projects: College of Tactical Culture
People: Steve Lambert
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The New York Times Special Edition received an Award of Distinction at the 2009 Prix Ars Electronica. I will have more images, video, and details here soon. In the meantime…

NY Times SE at the OK Center
Installation of The NY Times Special Edition at the OK Centre in Linz, Austria

Video podcast of Steve Lambert’s presentation on behalf of Because We Want It. (under 4.9.09 at 3:45)

More coming.


I gave a lecture on August 8th at Dorkbot PDX entitled FAIL, WIN!, FTW?. It is a summary of my recent work experimenting with open licensing on physical objects. I explore what has worked, and what hasn’t, and some of the lessons I have learned.

Marisa Olson also spoke; her lecture is here


Artist’s Talk: Steve Lambert
Thursday, Aug 27 4:00p
Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC

Steve Lambert talks about bridging the divide between museum visitors and his own practice. Lambert’s, “I Will Talk With Anyone About Anything“, 2006/2009 is currently featured in “Our Subject is You”.

People: Steve Lambert
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Speaking at Dorkbot PDX, August 9th

Marisa Olson and I are speaking at Dorkbot PDX this Sunday, August 7th, 7PM. The annoucement says:

We are extremely honored to have two distinguished artists from New York visiting Portland and sharing their work with DorkbotPDX. Please help us welcome these amazing and inspiring dorks from across the way!

I’m flattered to be called distinguished… !

I’m very grateful to Amber Case for patching us into the PDX scene, and Thomas Lockney and Jason Plumb for setting up this opportunity to share with some PDX dorks.

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