I took the mechanical engineering PE back in October, and I just found out yesterday that I passed! I can’t even explain what a relief it is. I’m a certified nerd. Now I can’t wait to get my seal! Now I have to start checking out the continuing education units…


Back from the Holidays, here are the last two Fairytale Fashion videos on Mathematics.

We’ve started working with classrooms which is quite exciting. And we are preparing for our big fashion show on Feb. 23. If you have a class that would like to participate, contact me!


25% of my book, or the preface through chapter 3, was due January 4th. I had already asked for one extension (from 12/24) so I was really trying to hit the Jan 4th date. So, at 2am on the evening of the 4th (technically the morning of the 5th) I submitted all the chapters, and about half of the artwork. I still have to fill in some mini projects and finish the drawings, but what a HUGE relief that was! So far feedback has been great. I’m taking a few days off now before diving back in.

When my editor replied to my submission, he included a link to an Instructables page on the most useless machine ever. I want one.


“Aesthetic art promises a political accomplishment that it cannot satisfy, and thrives on that ambiguity. That is why those who want to isolate it from politics are somewhat beside the point. It is also why those who want to fulfill its political promise are condemned to a certain melancholy.”

Jacques Ranciere, “The Aesthetic Revolution and its Outcomes,” New Left Review 14 Mar-Apr, 2002, p.151


The idea borne out of a mini freak-out with my area head at NYU turned out to be a big success. About 10 friends and colleagues came over last night and were bribed with beer, wine, and pizza while they read and edited my first few chapters. The validation and encouragement I got from them came at just the right time. I slept well and haven’t felt this relaxed in weeks, even though I still have a stack of edited papers to get through before my deadline tomorrow. I just hope they enjoyed themselves enough to return to the 50% deadline Book & Bribe editing party in a couple months! So thank you Tom Igoe, Rob Faludi, Michelle Kempner, Becky Stern, Greg Shakar, Jennifer Pazdon, Jen King, Dana Vinson, Mike Sudano, and Steve Delaporte for the support, it means a lot to me.


As part of my book deal, my agent negotiated a small equipment fee to cover project costs (thanks Neil!) on top of the small advance (not a good year for publishers to invest much in new authors of technical books). I just checked my bank account, and it cleared yesterday! I’m excited for SparkFun’s free day so I can get more for the money and really dig into some book projects.


Thanks to my vain google alert on my own name, I saw my book pop up on McGraw-Hill’s website. The title isn’t complete, but wow, it looks real with a price and everything!


underwear gnomes master plan

Someone mentioned this to me. This still frame is from an episode of South Park where gnomes are stealing kids underwear. When asked why, they explain “stealing underwear is just phase 1.” Profit is Phase 3. But apparently, none of the gnomes know what Phase 2 is and apparently they never thought about it.

Phase 1: Protest Art
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: The Revolution


Digital Foundations has received some eclectic and exciting praise. I have included some choice bits below, but my favorite are the numerous peers who have said more or less the same thing: “This is the book we have all been waiting for!”


Last week we were thinking about clothes that emote or display different information. So we looked at data mining with computer programmer Hillary Mason.

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