underwear gnomes master plan

Someone mentioned this to me. This still frame is from an episode of South Park where gnomes are stealing kids underwear. When asked why, they explain “stealing underwear is just phase 1.” Profit is Phase 3. But apparently, none of the gnomes know what Phase 2 is and apparently they never thought about it.

Phase 1: Protest Art
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: The Revolution


Digital Foundations has received some eclectic and exciting praise. I have included some choice bits below, but my favorite are the numerous peers who have said more or less the same thing: “This is the book we have all been waiting for!”


Last week we were thinking about clothes that emote or display different information. So we looked at data mining with computer programmer Hillary Mason.


I spent the afternoon at the School of Visual Arts sitting in on final project presentations for the Introduction to Physical Computing class. It’s the very first year of the Interaction Design MFA program, and my friend and former student Rob Faludi teaches the course and invited me and some others to give some fresh feedback to the students. I was definitely impressed by the caliber of projects they presented, and I want a pair of touchstones as soon as possible.


Freelancer’s Union sent out an email today with a link to an article From corporate slave to dream job. I can’t believe membership in Freelancer’s Union increased 40% from Oct 2008 to April 2009! And that I was one of them! I was laid off from Honeybee Robotics during downsizing in March 2009, and it really has turned out to be a blessing in disguise, like this article mentions. I never would have left a comfy salary to pursue writing a book or working for startups like I have been doing since I left. I’m enjoying myself more every day and what started as just picking up part time jobs has turned into a career as a consulting engineer, teacher, and author. I’m enjoying the flexibility, and the discipline that comes with working hourly vs. working on salary is a refreshing cause and effect scenario that keeps me on my toes.


Corporate giving is a bad enough deal with the devil, but take corporate giving and mash it up with social networking, and wow! Not only does chase have you scurrying about to give them PR/branding impressions, they get all your personal data in the process.

Chase is evil


Give me Capitalism or Give Me Deatlh

Give me Capitalism or Give Me Deatlh & Make Love not Capitalism

On the LES of NYC. Too slick. What are they selling? Whose campaign is this?

enhanced water

Just imagine for a moment: you sit down for dinner, and you are asked, would you like bottled, tap, or enhanced water tonight?


This week on Fairytale Fashion, we play with different conductive materials to create closed circuits using Drawdio. We add fabric to the equation and start thinking about creating open and closed circuits using the human body, and embroidered conductive thread. Answer the design question on FairytaleFashion.org


We are starting to work with electronics. What better way to explore the possibilities of what can be made with electronics than a trip to the MIT Media Lab. We got to visit the Karen Brennan at the Lifelong Kindergarten Group and Leah Buechley of High-Low Tech Group. That had some really neat projects like interactive wallpaper that controls electronics.

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