Friday night at 10 pm I stopped by Yahoo Open Hackday to say hi to friends and go out for drinks. Open Hackday is a competition where hackers are given 24 hours to hack Yahoo applications. At 1 am, Alicia Gibb and I were at a bar and decided it would be fun to make a Del.icio.us Cake. A cake that displayed information based on information from the website Del.icio.us. From the bar we called Bill Ward and Hillary Mason (still at Yahoo Hackday) and they said that they were on board. In 10 hours we constructed a “Del.icio.us Cake filled with delicious sentiments”. Our cake shows current sentiment (positive, neutral, or negative) for a tag calculated from the content of recent delicious URLs for a tag.

We won best food/hardware hack and had some sweet sweet fun.

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Functionality is so over-valued in design, and we’ve kept design very small in that way. Functionality is the sheer minimum. If your house burns down, what do you take? The cat in the window that you got from your mother, or the chair you have?


xtine and I have been quietly working on two new books, one on Digital Imaging and Collage and the other on Web Design.  You can see the works in progress on the Digital Foundations wiki


Second Front has just released its Second DVD: Avvie Road. We will be having a formal DVD launch party at our performance night at Eyebeam on October 9th, 2009. This is a chance for everyone to see us perform live along with Alan Sondheim and Lily & Honglei and of course to get a collection of our performance art videos.




Another feature that could be helpful is a display of relative size. ArtsConnectEd has a solid implementation (for example – scroll down to the details, and click the Scale tab). The Met provides dimensions (in a number of formats, grumble) but does not present any cues as to the relative size of the work.


Still trying out the whole web video thing.


Another test video entry from last week at the Brooklyn Caribbean Festival.


another test video


Alcor is a company which cryonically freezes people for a future afterlife and charges $150,000 to  freeze your whole body, but they offer a discounted $80,000 for just the head. My advice: go for the full monty.


Here’s why. Listen to this Radiolab podcast from our friends at WNYC. Mind-blowing stuff. The body is essential in the determination of emotional self. Feelings of fear, love, anger and everything else that makes us human stems from the direct observation its own physiological responses.


I am trying out video blogging and today’s video diary is about working on my Flat Pack jewelry line.

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